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Prophet Muhammad's sense of humor
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Thursday, 10 May 2012, 4:32 pm

The Exalted Prophet Muhammad's Sense Of Humor

Wednesday 09 MAY 2012

Prophet Muhammad (S) had a great sense of humor.

Tomorrow I will give you only three examples out of many, from the reported history.


1. An old woman

2. A camel

3. A dinner with date fruit

I will also explain why I think the stories are reliable.




Okay! Here it is, Shabbir keeping his word.


1) An old woman: She came to the exalted Prophet and asked if she would abide in Paradise. The Prophet (S) replied with a graceful smile, "No!" Before the old woman would start sobbing, the exalted Prophet said, "Well, you will become young in Paradise since no one there will be old, ailing, or suffering. It will be a state of absolute felicity." The elderly lady could not conceal her joyful excitement.

2) A camel: A poor Bedouin came riding on a lean donkey and requested Nabi (S) to give him a camel. The Nabi (S) replied, "I will give you a camel's child." Before the Bedouin could become somber, the Nabi (S) said, "O' Simpleton! Every camel is the child of his elders. So, you are getting a healthy young camel."

3) A dinner with date fruit: The Prophet (S) was having dinner with his noble companions. There were plenty of dates at the dinner service. Hazrat Ali, rushing through eating the dates, was deftly placing the date stones (seeds) in front of the Prophet. Then he said, "Ya Rasoolullah! Look at the heap of date stones. Don't some people eat too many dates?" Obviously, Hazrat Ali had no date stones in front of him. The Prophet (S) answered, "And there are some who eat dates along with their stones."

EXPLANATION: Without any doubt, Muhammad (S) was the greatest and most successful man ever to set foot on earth. He founded and administered the most benevolent State in all history in the face of extreme hostility.

In the very beginning, when he was commissioned as a Messenger in 610 CE, he announced the Noblest Mission Statement ever: "We will establish a State in which a beautiful young lady laden with jewelry would travel from Yemen to Syria (about 1800 miles) by herself, and she will have no fear but the fear of Allah."

The apparently simple Statement was most brilliant. It meant security of life, honor and property of all its citizens. The Incredible Statement became a solid reality in the blessed lifetime of Muhammad (S).

Hazrat Umar was the Chief Justice of the State of Madinah during the Caliphate of Hazrat Abu Bakr. After one year of holding the prestigious office, Hazrat Umar respectfully offered his resignation to the Caliph. Hazrat Abu Bakr asked the reason. To this day, the response from Hazrat Umar has been stumping historians - no parallel in the world. He answered, "Ya Khaifa-tir-Rasool! My court has received not a single civil or criminal case throughout the whole year!" What a pragmatic test and proof of marvelous governance!

The astonishingly benevolent State was run superbly. Justice and Peace prevailed throughout the 2.2 million sq miles of the newborn Community.

Sublime moral character and unparalleled political success necessitated for the exalted Prophet to be the busiest man of his time. Obviously, only top class personal virtues, intelligence & wisdom, accessibility to all, compassion & kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, and an unwavering sense of accountability before Allah could instill nobility in the hearts of people and keep the citizens committed to the System and loyal to the government.

How would the Prophet (S) attract people like a magnet without exemplary character and service, leading by example plus a sense of humor? And, without it, how could he enjoy perfect health throughout his life with countless challenges and stresses of governing a people formerly alien to discipline and abidance to any laws?

Let me show you a few glimpses from the Qur'an that point to his most noble disposition.

Thank you for reading rather a long post, but it continues tomorrow as well :-)

Please wait for the Quranic evidence of Rasulullah's pleasant countenance, behavior and great character. [On May 11 & 12]

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Prophet Muhammad's sense of humor
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