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Survey: Is Pakistan Doomed?
By:Sonia Rani, Qatar
Date: Tuesday, 8 May 2012, 11:48 am


1. Pakistanis LIVING until 1965.


2. Those born after 1965.

[Those who were born in or after 1947 and died before or in 1965 have been excluded since they were kids in the history of Pakistan]

This research or survey has been diligently carried out by ten enlightened Pakistanis. The research compares the moral character of the two above mentioned groups of Pakistanis.

If the latter generation are practicing Permanent Moral Values better, we must have hope, otherwise we are doomed.

The year 1965 has been chosen as the dividing line since by that time most of the makers of Pakistan were alive and most of the work force was active in building or destroying the country (people who were in their 20s, 30s and 40s in 1965).

Their criterion of the mentioned moral values (and immorality) has primarily been derived from the Glorious Quran.

1. Human and grave worship, superstitions: increased at least 3 times since 1965.

2. Hurting the individual and collective potential of the society by defrauding, cheating, lying, intoxication: increased 3 times.

3. Dividing people on religious, sectarian, ethnic, linguistic, geographical grounds: increased 3 times since 1965.

4. Ignoring or wasting of natural and human resources: increased more than 2 times.

5. Defying the Rule of Law: increased 10 times.

6. Family values: worsened at least 3 times since 1965.

7. Bloody crimes on earth: increased 10 times.

8. Violation of human rights, harming people: increased 7 times.

9. Backbiting, spreading rumors, slander and hate: unchanged since 1965.

10. Bad assumptions, mistrust, condemnation without investigation: about the same.

11. Stealing the fruit of others’ labor: increased 3 times.

12. False pride: increased 1.5 times.

13. Hypocrisy: increased 4 times since 1965.

14. Intolerance: has gone up at least 4 times.

15. Greed and rat race: increased 3 times.

16. Telling lies, fabricating stories: increased 3 times.

17. Love of wealth: gone up 3 times since 1965.

18. Waste of precious time: increased 3 times.

19. Barring from the Book of Allah: increased 5 times since 1965.

20. Futile argumentation: has gone up 3 times since 1965.

21. Physical, sexual, emotional violence: has increased 10 times.

22. Oppression of the weak poor, insults of women, and elders: increased 4 times.

23. Breaking promise, word being worthless: increased 2 times.

24. Punctuality and Truthfulness: worsened 10 times.

25. Acceptance of faults: gone down 5 times.

26. Motion without Action: increased 5 times.

27. Preoccupation with Rituals: increased 10 times.

28. Mullahism, show of piety, long beards and Hijab: gone up 5 times.

29. Niqab & Burqa: gone up 3 times.

30. Accusations and fear of blasphemy: gone up 10 times.

31. Violent riots for "blasphemy" abroad: increased 4 times.

32: Good education: Gone down but Mullah Madrassahs thriving 10 times.

Once again, this is the panorama of those born after 1965, the relatively younger generation.

No doubt, some noble souls are trying to do good to individuals and the society. But you can count them on fingers.


ANYTHING BETTER SINCE 1965? None whatsoever except the few noble souls mentioned above.