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Re: Newer generation: Are we doomed?
By:Firasat Khan
Date: Monday, 7 May 2012, 5:28 pm
In Response To: Newer generation: Are we doomed? (*Dr. Shabbir, Florida)

Pakistan had one of the most devastated situation to start with.
The riots, stress of dealing with trains loaded with dead and wounded people, dealing with millions of immigrants coming with nothing, except hope and Iman.
Economically, Pakistan got almost nothing. There was hardly any manufacturing factories and there was not enough money and resources.

But the miracle happened due to that hope, dream, iman and unity

By 1965 Pakistan was an example of progress. Immigrants and indigenous population worked together, built factories, infrastructure, colleges, universities and so much more. The economic team of South Korea visited Pakistan during Ayyub's period and wanted to learn from the Pakistan's success. It seems like they did learn and learnt very good.

But what happened to Pakistan.

1965 war was a mistake. Mr Bhutto incited Ayyub, and his military mind started thinking of grandeur. That war took away huge resources and split the nation on political and ideological grounds. India took advantage and Bangaldesh happened.

But the name of the greatest tragedy was "Surma wale Ameer ul momineen" Zia Ul Haq

he split the nation into factions for political reasons, and split the Muslims for his N2I religious reason.

Now it is all for "ME", and nothing for "US" mentality.

2:36 But Satan caused them both (men as well as women) to stumble therein
and got them out of the happy state they were in. And so We said, “Degraded
you have become with wedges of discord among yourselves! There shall be
for you habitation and livelihood on earth for a while.”

and the solution is in the next two verses

2:37 (The solution to this catastrophe was beyond human redress.) Then
Adam received Words of guidance from his Lord and He accepted his
repentance. Certainly, He is the Acceptor of repentance, the Most Merciful.

[Adam = Aadam = Man. His wife = Woman. Udma = Ability to live together as a
community. Aadam from Udma thus, indicates humankind. The word “Eve” or
Hawwa is not mentioned in the Qur’an. She is described with dignity as Mer’atil-Aadam = Adam’s Zaujah = Wife, Consort, Mate of Adam = Mrs. Adam. The
Qur’an adopts the beautiful method of either gently correcting or ignoring the
errors in other scriptures. It does not repeat the Biblical fallacy of ‘Eve’ having
been created from Adam’s rib. She also repented and God treated both of
them equally. 7:23-24. Again, Adam and his wife mean humankind, male and
female. Taubah = Repentance = Returning to the right path = Realizing one's
fault and taking corrective action. 4:17, 4:18, 5:39, 3:89, 6:54, 16:119, 24:5,
2:38 We said, “For now, all of you are degraded to a lower level of existence,
out of this state of felicity (Paradise). But, when guidance comes to you from
Me, those who will follow My guidance, on them shall be no fear from without,
nor shall they have any grief from within.”

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