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Re: Imran Khan, Pakistan's hope
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Saturday, 5 May 2012, 7:10 pm
In Response To: Imran Khan, Pakistan's hope (Rosy Khan, Tasmania)

Imran Khan, Pakistan's hope

Oh dear,

Nothing new in the country. Like in the past, every political party or the marshall party must pledge hope before they take chair. Though actual unfolds only after some years of running the government. Such a hope must compare todays tradgedy with tomorrow's pleasantry that never arrives. Thus political hope is nothing but provisional delight like drummed Bhangra dance. Its not a tangible good so don't get excited about it.

What would really matter is this. The masses of people would be guaranteed upright life and wherewithals only through the enlightenment of their own, discipline, knowledge, inventions, technology, productivity, investments, exports; and altogether a newly created self. What Imran Khan or Jannat Khan have to do with responsibilities that are our own?

Once masses self-actualize themselves it hardly matters who runs the government. The difference of hope in self and hope in Imran Khan is blooming rosey.

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Imran Khan, Pakistan's hope
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Imran Khan, Pakistan's hope
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