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Re: Mental Bondage - Aidid Safar
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 1 May 2012, 4:16 pm
In Response To: Re: Mental Bondage - Aidid Safar (Arif Shamim, Karachi)

I initially thought he was incorrect, then I went to the dictionaries and all was not so clear cut. Can someone explain the following and where he has deviated?

I have just randomly selected the following from Mental Bondage by Aidad Safar.

“Wildlife conservation, then, is an integral part of God’s creation. It is a decree that has to be observed by humans. In 5:95, the use of ka’bati is related to the violation of the restrictions and the penalty one has to pay if animals are killed on purpose during the restricted period. Hunting is only allowed when the maturity of the animals can be identified through their ankles’ stride. As for the birds the Reading says, nobody can kill them except God which implies that hunters will not be able to catch the birds except with God’s will.

16:79 ;Do you not notice the birds assigned to fly in the sky? Nobody can catch them except God. This should provide signs for those who believe.”

Dr Saab has:-
16:79 Do they not see the birds held poised in mid-air? None holds them but God. Herein are signs for people who wish to attain conviction through reason. [24:71. It is God Who has designed the Law that creatures heavier than air can fly, and objects heavier than water can float]

He has created a new understanding for the verse based on the dictionary meaning of the word from 16:79, yum'sikuhunna means catch them or capture?

Miim-Siin-Kaf = To retain, withhold, maintain, be tenacious or niggardly, hold fast a thing, arrest a thing, restrain/detain/confine/imprison a person, restrain or abstain from a thing, grasp/clutch/seize a thing, take a thing with the hand, intelligent or sound in judgement.
Kaaba or ankles?

5:95; O you who believe, do not kill the wildlife which you are restricted (Hurumun). If anyone kills on purpose, he shall expatiate with an equivalent livestock to be judged by two equitable persons from among you to point out the maturity (hadyan balighor) of the ankles (ka’bati),. Or expiate by feeding the poor or discipline himself (until the animals are matured), so that he feels the consequences of his actions. God has pardoned his previous offences. Whoever reverts to his offence, God will avenge from him. God is almighty, avenger.

Dr Saab:-
5:95 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not kill animals of game while you are in the state of Pilgrimage. Whoever kills it intentionally, must send a Permissible domestic animal to the Ka’bah, as a gift for the needy. Two equitable persons will decide what domestic animal is equivalent to the game animal that was killed. They must ensure that the offering reaches the Ka’bah (for use by the needy pilgrims 22:28). Or for expiation, feed some poor at a cost equal to the cost of the animal. If someone has no means to do that, then Abstinence (for three days as in Ramadhan. Three days of Abstinence would equal feeding ten poor persons (5:89). God has pardoned past violations. An appropriate court shall punish those who persist in violating this Law. God is Almighty, Able to requite.

5:95 Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo la taqtuloo alssayda waantum hurumun waman qatalahu minkum mutaAAammidan fajazaon mithlu ma qatala mina alnnaAAami yahkumu bihi thawa AAadlin minkum hadyan baligha alkaAAbati aw kaffaratun taAAamu masakeena aw AAadlu thalika siyaman liyathooqa wabala amrihi AAafa Allahu AAamma salafa waman AAada fayantaqimu Allahu minhu waAllahu AAazeezun thoo intiqamin

Kaaf-Ayn-Ba = swell/prominent/protuberant/projection/budding (common examples include a woman's breasts), jointed-stem, fold, went away, joint/juncture/division of bones (more commonly the ankle bone), tarsus (in animals), swift, eminence/nobility/glory, anything elevated, square/cubic house/chamber, square-form, to hasten, to go away paying no regard to anything
Quote from Lane's lexicon: "a house or temple belonging to the tribe of Rabee'ah, who used to compass it, or perform circuits round it (as is done round the Kabbeh of Mekkeh)".
Hans Wehr - Knot, knob, node (of cane); joint, articulation, ankles, anklebone; heel (of foot or shoe) ferule; die; cube; high rank, fame, glory, honor.
Everything that the male of the form fa'lun (being the representation of the Cl. Arabic form in question, universally applied to all roots) can mean, so can the female (fa'latun or modernly and colloquially fa'lah), with the added meaning of emphasis that the feminization of the word gives; where it is clear that there could be intensification. The female form can be found in 5:95, 5:97.
- 78:33.

Ba-Ya-Ta =
by/in/at night (excluding sleep), entered upon or passed the night
tent, house, home
Thinking about something and its end result
Concealed or conceived something in the mind
A structure of clay or any structure signifying a habitation, an abode or dwelling.
Buildings, uninhabited houses, shops, ruins, bazaars, places where the entering is allowed by the owners.
Ark of Noah, Mosques, places of worship, Kaabeh or Jerusalem
A grave
Household or family
Sudden attack in the night or a surprise attack in the night
Remaining through the night (e.g. bread or water that stays out and becomes stale)

Ha-Ra-Miim = To forbid/prevent/prohibit, make or declare unlawful, deprive, to be sacred/inviolable/entitled to reverence or respect or honour, deny or refuse a thing, render one hopeless, denied prosperity, render unfortunate, ill-fated, persist obstinately, persist in contention or litigation or wrangling, be refractory or untractable, bind a thing hard, refrain from a thing, overcome someone in contending for stakes or wagers in a game of hazard, to be in a state of prohibition, protect or defend oneself.
harama vb. (1)

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