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The Physical World as a Virtual Reality
By:Amirabbas, Iran
Date: Monday, 30 April 2012, 2:33 pm


Dear friends,

Recently I’ve encountered a series of papers by Brian Witworth (http://brianwhitworth.com/) where he argues the physical world could be the consequence of/or a virtual reality by way of information processing.

The idea seems interesting to me though it’s not yet completed and the author is working on it. And i don't fully understand it because of my lack of knowledge in the field of quantum theory and information theory; but from a Qur’anic perspective, I quote some below lines in which I think we are able to argue that they are in confirmation with the knowledge we’ve been given through the Qur’an:::
A virtual reality is here considered to be a reality created by information processing, and so by definition it cannot exist independently in and of itself, as it depends upon processing to exist. If the processing stops then the virtual reality must also cease to exist. In contrast an objective reality simply is, and does not need anything else to sustain it. This suggests two hypotheses about our reality:

1. The objective reality (OR) hypothesis: That our physical reality is an objective reality that exists in and of itself, and being self-contained needs nothing outside of itself to explain it.

2. The virtual reality (VR) hypothesis: That our physical reality is a virtual reality that depends upon information processing to exist, which processing must occur outside of itself. [God is everywhere, both outside and inside of the universe!]

There is nothing in our universe that exists of or by itself. [We are dependent upon God as our Creator, Sustainer and Law-Giver!]

To clarify the difference, suppose information processing in one world creates a second virtual world. To an observer in the first world, events within the virtual world are “unreal”, but to an observer within the virtual world, virtual events are as real as it gets. If a virtual gun wounds a virtual man, to that virtual man the pain is “real”. That a world is calculated does not mean it has no “reality”, merely that its reality is local to itself. [God has calculated everything and in the Qur'an He argues that we cannot even fully count the blessings we've been given!]

Once started, a VR that behaves like our world must run itself without further information input. Most human computer simulations require regular data input to run. In a virtual world that behaves like ours, such external data input would constitute a “miracle”, and in our world miracles are at best rare. This VR simulation must run itself without miracles, i.e. without ongoing data input. [No MIRACLES!]

While the inhabitants of a simulated world can't see the programs creating they, they can see their world. [We cannot see the Angels or the laws of Allah, but their manifestations and consequences.]

I suggest these papers to those interested as they offer us a new perspective and meaning. http://brianwhitworth.com/papers.html

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The Physical World as a Virtual Reality
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The Physical World as a Virtual Reality
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