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By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Monday, 23 April 2012, 2:19 pm
In Response To: IUI (Adam, Earth)

No name or whereabouts required, we understand the situatuion.

I know a young woman who has undergone 16 miscarriages and is still childless. She cries every time the sad events occur but she has resigned herself to the situation. Her husband is loving and understanding and has said that he married her and if children are not forthcoming then so be it [regardless of what relatives say].

When life denies us something that the majority take for granted, children, good health, food on the table, then we are naturally upset. But life is all about what we do with the situations we find ourselves in and the Quran speaks to us in many ways, where higher permanent values take preference over what we may want.

18:46 (Divine bounties and blessings are for you to enjoy, but they are a means to a higher end 7:32.) Wealth and children are the joys of the life of this world. But good deeds that fulfil the needs of others, their fruit endures forever. Such actions are of far greater merit in the Sight of your Lord, and the best foundation of hope. [19:76]

If all else fails, the greatest act you can do is to give an orphan a loving home. Orphans had no choice in being parentless, neither, it seems, do you have a choice in being childless, so “fulfil the needs of others”.

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