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Re: Khatme Nubuwwat Conference, London
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 17 April 2012, 1:03 am
In Response To: Re: Khatme Nubuwwat Conference, London (Irfan, USA)

Ask any Ahmedi and he will tell you that the blessed Messenger Muhammad was the final Nabi. However, there is a catch; he was the final Nabi with a Shariat/Book. Further, they claim that according to predictions of the blessed Messenger Muhammad, a Mehdi/Masih-like figure was to come after 1400 years to reform the Ummah and to bring unity to them (which, they say will take about 300 years to accomplish after which in the whole world Islam will become a dominant Deen). They will tell you that Ahamdiyyat revived the concept of Khilafat and claim that it is alive and well.

They do not believe in acquiring land to establish an Islamic state with Allah's sovereignty. They claim it will come about anyways when Allah's promise of Islam becoming a dominant Deen takes place through preaching. Again it will take another two hundred years, they say.

Some claim that he abolished the fighting version of Jehad; However, some Ahmedis say he did not forbid a defensive Jehad that involved combat.

Question: what reforms did Mirza Saheb introduce? In the presence of numerous interpretation of Qur'an and Sunnah did he categorically say that a certain version is the best and the Ummah isto choose it? Did he write an "authorized" version of tafseer of Qur'an/Hadees? No!

Did he declare that a certain sect is the right one? He is reported to have endorsed the Hanafi Fiqh. Did he do that under "Divine Guidance?" In view of this endorsement what then is the status of other fiqhs? Equally valid or null and void?

In short what was the purpose of their "Nabi" (with a small "n") and what was the major reform he succeeded in introducing? What was his accomplishments? If he was allegedly a Nabi then what was his mission?

Looks as if other than reviving Khilafat (which is limited to Ahmedis only, therefore not effective) what did Ahmediyyat contribute to Islam?

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