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Re: The controversial book
By:Sahila Mars, Bahrain
Date: Monday, 16 April 2012, 8:08 am
In Response To: The controversial book (Muhammad Rafi Karachi)

I happen to glanced through Rangeela Rasoool in Hindi for cursory reference . I did not find any reference to details of Hadith and even Quran Ayat in this 64 pages has referred with stories . For example references are from:

1) Talwisulshaha Jildshaha 4 safa ( page) 48
2) DarMansoor Jild Awwal Matbuamisr page 262 ( referred in this book page 63)
3) Darmansoor Safa 262 Fatawi Kazikhan Jild Awwal.
4) Muslim Jild Rakoob ( referred in this book page 58)
5) Ibn Majja Nikha ( referred in this book page: 59
6) Sure Nisa ( just fiction)
7) Sura Bakra (2:29) refers to creation of seven universe whereas this book refers to remarriage of divorcee.
8) In Rangeela Rasool mentioned 4:3 about legalising cucubine Maria. ( page 41) whereas in Quran it refers to Orphans and marry them off. ( page 41 of this book)
9) Hadith Muslim Tafseer Husaini ( never heard about) for valid references. ( page 41 of this book)
10) In Rangeela Rasool mentioned (page 33) Surah Ahzab 33:5 refers to mixed up stories whereas Quran refers 33:5 for names of adopted children
11) Tawarikh Jaibullah reference ( page 27) - did not hear it before
12) Muarjul Nabuwat ( page 21 ) did not hear this book.
13) Bukhari baba Albahi ( page 17 ) did not hear about this man as valid Muhadith.
14) Hayate Muhammadi by Mayorsaheb ( page 13) I am not sure if anyone heard about this book or its authencity.
15) Reference of Book: Talvisulshaha Jildshaha 4 (page No: 63) of this book.

I could not find any of the reference in "Rangeela Rasool " correct or authntic but was revenge write-up and enrage Muslim and as usual we Muslim act like cattle to be herded to any call without hearing and understanding (2:171/7:198/8:22 and thus we are worst ceature).

However, I have no idea as to what was in the author's mind to link this book ( Rangeela Rasool) with equally outrageous hadiths ( Rangeele stories) . May be he should study Quran which is overwhelmingly refers to signs of Allah (natural events required to be explored ) to take lessons to the benefit of humankind.


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