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Re: Can I become a Muslim?
By:sahil, Bahrain
Date: Wednesday, 11 April 2012, 4:30 pm
In Response To: Can I become a Muslim? (Harnam Singh, Patiala)

Dear Mr. Singh,

It is very important that before you intend to become Muslim, make sure how this idea came to your mind. Because you would see Muslim either media-branded as terrorist, ritualistic ( long-beard or hijabed) or Arab shaikhs lavishing as spendthrift or under subjugation of dictators in-connivance with ignorant religious Leaders. None of them will be called a Muslim with respect to Quran, which is benchmark or we call it furqan. When you intend to be a Muslim, carefully read Quran and make sure that if it meets you and your family human needs like racing towards goodness , righteousness and you can impart justice to all instead of hurting them.

It is easy to be Muslim ritualistically or by name. It takes great pain to be Muslim as ordained by Quran to make true human being ( Muslim). Hence please read Quran as lot of good translations are available and make up your mind without hurting your nearest kin and family as you need to defend its value by becoming be good example to them around. When your own would realize a great change in you, they would accept you as great human being ( which you can call yourself as Muslim inspired by Quran). This will come only upon repeatedly reading Quran and its meaning. I strongly suggest avoid Hadiths or secondary Islamic resources, which are more Arab's traditions painted Islamic values. No doubt, you can opt for Rituals ( Namaz) , which are purely to remind you of your submission to your God and His injunctions through His Book Quran . For example in one Surah ( 107 of Quran) , if you do not care for the need of poor and needy your Namaz/prayer is for the sake of show-off. This will give one example of meeting criteria of Muslim, hence think over it for such sacrifice.

As regards Alcohol, it is bad for your health and family and anything hurts your health/family and is not required for your sustainance ( if it is not prescribed by Doctor). As remedy you need to fast regularly for controlling such inclination and control your urge. Inshallah , you will get rid of it.

Submit to God with good human value without changing name , take all your family , friends into confidence with Koranic valuable injunctions, then you are good Muslim and can survive in any community, circumstances.

Sahil, Bahrain

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