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Allama Mashriqi's grandson speaks
By:Mian Asghar, Lahore
Date: Wednesday, 11 April 2012, 3:19 pm

Brilliant Speech on Partition of India by Allama Mashriqi's Grandson, Nasim Yousaf (Scholar & Historian)

A Speech Worth Listening. This thought provoking message is about the fabricated history of Pakistan and India; delivered by Allama Mashriqi's grandson Nasim Yousaf (a well known intellectual, scholar and historian).

Extract: "As a grandson of Allama Mashriqi, I have been asked many times to record my views on the history of the Indian sub-continent. I am using this opportunity to briefly address the people of the sub-continent and to take a few minutes to express my thoughts on this topic. I hope you will listen carefully to what I am going to say. It is entirely up to you to seek lessons from the mistakes of the past." To listen to this wonderful speech, click on the link given below:

"Distorted History" speech by Allama Mashriqi's Grandson, Nasim Yousaf (Scholar & Historian)

Book: “Government of British India on Allama Mashriqi and Khaksar Tehreek (Movement)…” by Nasim Yousaf

Book: "Hidden Facts Behind British India's Freedom: " A Scholarly Look into Allama Mashriqi and Quaid-e-Azam's Political Conflict" by Nasim Yousaf

Allama Mashriqi's Grandson (Historian Nasim Yousaf) Compiles Digital Version of Historic "Al-Islah"

Scholar & historian Nasim Yousaf's fan page: