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QXP, the best rendition
By:David Frank, NY
Date: Monday, 9 April 2012, 11:53 am

Minimally edited.


I am very happy and excited to have discovered your writings. Your viewpoints appeal to common sense and my sense of what Islam means. As a convert, I must admit that much of the cultural/historical/political baggage that is packaged with Islam can really test me at times. Ultimately, I have the remind myself that I am a Muslim because Allah called me to be one. I am not here for the people or popularity. Sometimes it seems a very lonely path, sometimes a book or a website can provide much needed encouragement.

The Quran as it Explains Itself is a concept that I love. Last summer as I was reading a translation of the Quran, I thought it would be great if the commentary were replaced with cross references. When text is given by Allah, a textualist stance seems most logical. I like how the meaning is derived by triangulation instead of reliance on assorted scholars and sources outside of the text. Your work really has inspired me.

I am finishing up my studies at ..... University College of Law. I plan to move to Texas and take the Bar Exam out there. I have no roots out there, so the geographic scope of my job search is quite broad. Finding a community that I can attach to would be very ideal. I am wondering if you know of any Imams or organizations anywhere in Texas that would share your theological views?

Do you maintain any pages on social media?

Very Respectfully,

David Frank