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The Holy Quran versus Hadith / Location?
By:Abolade N Tayo - Location?
Date: Saturday, 7 April 2012, 5:52 am

After being mislead by misguided Imams,Scholars who advocate that you cannot understand the Holy Quran without Hadith, I found that very disturbing and funny for the following reasons

(1) The Hadiths do not stand the test given to the Holy Quran,Allah says that if the Quran was from other than Him there would be contradictions and crookednessSura 18:1 Sura 41:42 Sura the hadiths cannot pass that test

(2) The Holy Quran is from Allah Sura46:2 Sura10 :37 the hadiths cannot pass this test

(3) The Holy Quran is guarded by Allah Sura15:9 Who is guarding the hadiths? Bukhari,Muslim,Dawood,Tirmidi or who, no where in the Quran does it say that Allah will guard the hadith.

(4)Allah warns us in the Holy Quran that we must not leave that which is certain (Quran) for that which is doubtful Sura 16:89 Sura17:41,89

(5)Allah has warned us in His Book that we should follow what He has sent down ,not what our predesessors were following without His guidance Sura2:170

(6) What hurts me really hurts me is when these misguided muslims say that I am not a muslim for standing with the Holy Quran against hadith, a good example the Holy Quran says that the Prophet Muhammad was not bewitched Sura17:47,48 it further says that only the wicked say he was bewitched, but the hadith says he was bewitched for a year,so what the Quran actually said that whoever said so is wicked.

(7)There are many other instances where hadith contradicts The Holy Quran and these misguided muslims agree with the hadith saying so and so was truthful so the hadith is reliable,my question to them Who is more reliable all these so-called chains or Allah?I let them know politely that I do not care what any hadith book says,anything or sayings falsely attributed to Prophet Muhammad, is not from Muhammad as he wil not contradict anything Allah revealed to him,I wrote a few books in the past under the influence of misguidance which I am presently correcting.

I have a good book out at present titled"Reincarnation or memory transfer-Which? It deals with the reincarnation heresy as you may be shocked to know that there are muslims who believe in reincarnation,one such muslim after reading my book told me he was convinced that reincarnation was not true,my book covers it from a scientific point of view presenting reliable researched information from the Quran and other sources,it is available on the internet,I hope Allah willing to make contributions to this site as it contains a lot of truth and good guidance,your brother for truth as found only in Allah's Book of sure guidance the Holy Quran

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The Holy Quran versus Hadith / Location?
Abolade N Tayo - Location? -- Saturday, 7 April 2012, 5:52 am
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