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Allah's Rights?
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Thursday, 5 April 2012, 2:22 pm
In Response To: Re: Islam and Democracy are not compatible (Mubashir, Canada)

A DANGEROUS DICHOTOMY: Rights of Allah & Rights of Humans

Those striving to establish Shari’ah on gunpoint are floundering human rights while there is no compulsion in religion. [2:256]

These criminals must be annihilated. Why is not the world helping the Pak army in their noble and courageous endeavor?
The misguided Muslim clergy have deceived the masses into thinking that there are two kinds of rights, the rights of God and the rights of humans.

1. Huqooqullah (God’s Rights). Such as worshiping Him day and night, praying five times (and if possible eight times including ‘Chaasht’, ‘Ishraaq’ and ‘Tahajjud’ prayers) a day, chanting ‘Wazeefas’ and ‘Kalemaat’, reciting some verses of the Qur’an without understanding and other countless rituals. Few Muslims (about 5%) go through these non-Qur’anic rites but they keep announcing them to show piety. The rest 95% have been programmed by the ignorant clergy into living through life feeling guilty about not performing these rites.

The term Huqooqullah nowhere appears in the Quran.
Only one Right of God is mentioned and that is helping the needy with one’s wealth and person. “Give Me My right.” [Give God His Right = Render to the poor what is their Divinely ordained right whenever you reap harvest or earn income. 6:141-142]

2. Huqooqul ‘Ibaad (Human rights). The so-called Muslims are drenched in the non-Qur’anic rites, rituals and superstitions of all kind. They are busy ‘earning’ Thawaab (the wishful thinking of attaining rewards for performing these rites and rituals).
No wonder, the Number Two Islam followers fall dismally short in guarding human rights which is the central theme of the Qur’an. They fail to realize that one can expect lasting rewards only by serving His creation. “The real existence on earth is of that which benefits humanity.” (13:17).

IBADAH: Ignoring this kind of Messages, the ritual bound, Mullah-oriented Muslim is the biggest violator of human rights. He forgets that we can serve Allah only by serving His creation. [6:141]

Empty rituals like Namaaz & physical starvation are certainly not ordained in the Qur’an as a way to success or salvation. Saum means self-control and not physical starvation alone. God does not need empty rituals and the society fails to benefit from them. Only the Qur’anic Salaat (facilitating the observance of Divine commands in the society) can benefit people. Ritual prayers is only a small part of SALAAT. (29:45)

Hadith: The exalted prophet is reported to have said that people who carry out their basic duties towards humanity are much better than those who sit back complaining of lethargy because of Fasting.

A False Hadith: This world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the infidel.

Another False Hadith: This world is a corpse and its seeker is a dog.

But the Qur’an sets the record straight:
28:77…. do not forget your portion in this world. Do good to others as God has done good to you…

14:8 And Moses said, “If you deny the truth and show ingratitude, you and all on earth together, must know that God is absolutely Free of want, Worthy of all praise.” [He is in no need of your worship.]

The Qur’an relates history of many nations but we cannot find in the Book a single nation that suffered humiliation or annihilation for lack of worship or deficiency of rituals. Invariably, it has been violation of human rights.

Violation of human Rights by the Namaazis: Then, hardly any of the ritualistic Muslims would display exceptional character. And most certainly, they won’t even think of violating human rights during the process. The so-called Namaazi would easily leave a hungry, crying child, a sick wife, or an ailing elderly to fulfill the so-called “Huqooqullah”. Not infrequently, he would desert the family for months in the name of ‘Tableegh’ (preaching the ‘Islamic rituals’).

The manmade dichotomy of the so-called Huqooqullah and Huqooqul ‘Ibaad, is nowhere found in the Qur’an. The Book is replete with fulfilling human rights all through. This ‘Imamist’ deceptive dichotomy is not without consequences.

A ‘practicing’ Muslim is thought to be one who dons a particular type of garment (of the ancient Arab culture), keeps rotating a rosary bead, grows a long beard, uses Miswaak (Arak twig) for cleaning the teeth, wears an orthodox cap or turban, pretends to pray five times a day to be seen of men or at least keeps announcing it.

If it happens to be a female, a ‘practicing’ Muslimah, in addition, uses the Hijab (veil) and Niqaab to conceal her head and face and may, for ultimate piety, don the Burka as well. She also refrains from even touching the Qur’an during her periods. She must remain indoors and must be completely obedient to her husband. So much so that: If she refuses sex once, angels keep cursing her all night unless she gives in to her husband’s desire.

The ‘Imams’ forged even a more outrageous Hadith, of course, in the name of the exalted Messenger: If prostration were allowed before other than God, I would have ordered the wife to prostrate before her husband.

Another atrocious forgery: The day a woman gets married she becomes a concubine to her husband. “Let not your humor take away your fear from the wife. A wife should forever remain a concubine to her husband. Seek advice from women but always do against it. If a man leaves his women free to themselves, they will cross all limits. Stop her from going out of home to the best of your ability. Do not let her go to the door, on top of the house or peek from the window. Tribulations begin from the windows, ventilators, the roofs and doors.” (Kimiya-e-Sa’adat, based on Ahadith by ‘Imam’ Abu Hamid Ghazali, Pg 263)

All this happens while these ‘practicing Muslims’ keep violating all human rights. Is there any need to look further why the Ummah is creeping in misery all over the globe?

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