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Re: Hinduism
By:Dr. S. Akhtar Ehtisham, NY
Date: Wednesday, 4 April 2012, 12:52 pm
In Response To: Hinduism (Ashok Sandais, Chandigarh)

Majority of Indian Women are Single; Why?

Women remaining single and more and more men and women supporting adoption of homosexuality is the neo-liberal atheistic criterion for awarding a Ph.D by the doctors of the new atheistic neo-liberal anti-Sanatan, anti-Islamic, anti-Christian world order here .There are right in mocking the award of Ph.D to me for denouncing Michel Foucault who worked for not only changing definition of homosexuality by American Psychiartrist Association but also supported gays and lesbians movement to recieve all the rights that a married man and woman has in the conventional way of Adam and Eve...Shaitan Zindabad
Friends of Allah SWT be scared of all these friends of Shaitan...


Bangalore: The 2011 India's census revealed that there are only 940 women for every 1000 men. Though the number is very close margin, it is found that majority of Indian women are single.

What is stopping them from mingling or choosing a life partner?

Are Indian men hostile beings and they do not want to interact with?

Well here are few reasons that were listed out:

Where are all the good men?

Women these days are lot more educated, independent and are assertive.

The attitude of women in the last decade has changed exceptionally.

The exposure to workplaces, responsibilities and pressures have made them a lot more confident about their decisions and are able to read or judge men in various ways.

Most Indian women these days have taken the risk of experimenting with relationships and sexuality.

It has made them bolder than ever.

No more marriage is a must and should policy and society prerequisite. They are defining their own terms and conditions.

The only thing that most women look for is "compatibility". They are always on the lookout for the right balance.

Neha Mehta is 36, attractive and still single. Neha lives with her parents, has no siblings and stands to inherit a fair fortune from her father.

She has received numerous proposals and has even dated a few men, but there isn't a ring in sight.

"Some men I've met were blessed with healthy bank balances, but they also had serious attitude problems to go with these," she explains. "And men I've met who've been perfectly amiable and charming wouldn't be able to support my lifestyle.

It's hard to find the right balance." As quoted by idiva.

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