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Re: Hell / Heaven
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 3 April 2012, 4:37 pm
In Response To: Hell / Heaven (Bilal Jamil, Oman)

4:95 Those believers who sit back, except for a disability, are not equal in ranks to those who strive with their wealth and person in the cause of God. God has granted a grade higher to those who strive with their wealth and person than that granted those who remain passive. Although God has promised the ultimate good to all believers, yet God has exalted with immense reward those who strive, above the ones who sit back at home.
4:96 The higher ranks come from Him, as well as forgiveness and grace. God is ever Forgiving, Merciful.
4:97 As for those who wrong their own “self” by not striving until the angels (the laws of death) approach them, they are asked, “What kept you occupied?” They say, “We were weak and oppressed in the land.” The angels say, “Was not the earth of God spacious enough for you to migrate?” As for such, their habitation will be Hell, a miserable destination.
4:98 Exempted are the feeble, whether men or women, and children who are unable to devise a plan and to find a way out.
4:99 God may forgive them (for their limitations). For, God pardons and forgives again and again.

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