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Re: Ideology of Pakistan and Islam in view of Gham
Date: Monday, 2 April 2012, 6:40 am
In Response To: Ideology of Pakistan and Islam in view of Ghamdi (Mubashir, Canada)

Jawaid Ghamdi clearly proved that Islam and democracy are very much compatible. He is a good clear thinker of present times.

A few days old Following link says Islam and democracy are incompatible. Not true.

A good beacon post on Islamic Democracy.
It is often thought that Bacon, Rousseau, Locke and other European thinkers laid down the foundations of modern democracy. But the Qur'an decreed 14 centuries ago, in Surah, AlShura/ Ayat 38. “”The affairs of the believers are a matter of counsel””.

This Injunction was meticulously observed in the seventh century Islam. The Muslim rulers had to be elected and then obtain allegiance of the masses. They always worked with an advisory council.

Today, mutual consultation in political matters is the hallmark of western democracy, But Ironically, the kingdoms, sheikdoms, despotism, autocratic rule and military regimes are seen mostly among countries that call themselves Muslim. This is another instance of the Muslim’s departure from the Qur'an).

It may not be out of place to mention here that mutual counsel in today's democracies will soon take one more vital step; all legislation would take place in the Light of Divine Guidance. Whichever country takes that vital step will formulate a truly Islamic government and become a model state for the rest of the world. Other nations will follow suit. This is no utopia. Please see the conviction in Al-Qur’an in in AlBaqra/ 13, ArRad/ 32-33, Younis/ :19.......


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