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Beware of fabricated stories
By:Umm Noori, Nigeria
Date: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 11:45 pm

Beware of fabricated stories

A hand comes out of the Ka’ba!

The permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta (SRI) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was asked about a fabricated story from the book “Al-Hawi by Al-Suyuty” which stated that a famous sufi, Ahmed Rafaey, visited the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) grave and said: “When I was away, I would send my soul on my behalf to the ground to kiss, now that I am here with my body and soul; extend your right hand for me to kiss.” (Fada’il Amal – Virtues of Haj) And, around 90,000 people saw the hand coming out including Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani. The questioner mentioned Sheikh Muhammad Zakariya, who is one of the founders of Tablighi Jamaat in South Asia; his books contain many fabricated stories. He further asked if anybody who believes in such stories can pray behind an Imam who also holds the same beliefs.

The verdict issued under Sheikh ‘Abdul-’Aziz Al Al-Sheikh, the former Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of the Departments of SRI is: This story is false and utterly baseless. The basic ruling concerning the dead; a prophet or otherwise is that he cannot move in his grave. What is claimed is that the Prophet (peace be upon him) extended out his hand to Al-Rifa`y or to anyone else is not true; rather, it is a baseless Wahm (illusion), which should not be believed.

He (peace be upon him) did not extend his hands to Abu Bakr, Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) or any other one of the Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet [peace be upon him]). One should not be deceived by Al-Suyuty mentioning a story for according to many scholars he did not check the authenticity of the narrations he reported in his books.

Moreover, it is not permissible to offer Salah behind an Imam who believes in this story as he is in the wrong, with regard to this Aqidah (creed) and believes in superstitions. It is not permissible to read books like Fada’il Amal or any similar book that contains superstitions or lies or misleads people and by spreading false narrations. (Fatwa no. 21412 - Abdullah Ibn Ghudayyan, Salih Al-Fawzan, Bakr Abu Zayd)

In Fada’il Haj there is another fabricated story which is very hard to accept if we compare it with the teachings of Islam.

“It is narrated that, Moosa Bin Muhammad (May Allah be pleased with him) said, “Once a most God-fearing and righteous stranger performed Tawaf. While performing Tawaf he heard a voice of a woman and he stared at her. A hand come out of the Ka’ba at the Rukn-ul-Yamani and smacked him so hard that his one eye fell out. Another voice came from near the door of the Ka’ba and said, “How is it that you perform Tawaaf around my house and yet you stare at someone else? This blow is the punishment for that. If it happens in future we shall take greater revenge.” (Fada’il Haj)

After reading this story and specially the statement – ‘How is it that you perform Tawaf around “my” house and yet you stare at someone else?” This gives readers the impression that Allah was behind the wall of the Ka’bah and He was the one who smacked him. Now, this is truly the highest level of ignorance.

May Allah guide us all to His path and give us more opportunities to propagate His Deen based on authentic information.

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Beware of fabricated stories
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