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Cousin Marriage
By:Zuhaib Sabri, Scotland
Date: Saturday, 31 March 2012, 11:34 pm

Salamun Alaikum

Dear Respected Sir

Would you please enlighten me with what Quran has about Cousin Marriage?

I recently started reading your Amazing QXP recently

Min zakarinwwa untha
= Of a kind that is male, and of a kind that is female

Nafsinwwaahidah = A single life-cell.

Minha zawjaha = Mate out of its own kind = Mate, male and female = Companions very much alike = Similar in essence.

Since you are also a Doctor, would you help me understand what genetics has to say about the cousin marriage.

Some say that in cases of Cousin Marriage the offspring is inferior because of some similar genes. If that is the case then this problem should have been while Allah(swt) was creating the mate out of that single cell.

Please Reply

Zuhaib Sabri

P.S. I know nothing about Genetics yet.

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