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Ah, the N2I Translations!
By:Sister's name withheld
Date: Friday, 30 March 2012, 11:51 am
In Response To: Ourbeacon needs help! (*Dr. Shabbir, Florida)

I pray that you are in good health so that we at Beacon Forum
continue to learn and benefit from your insight, wisdom and humility.
Your posts continue to enlighten and inspire me. My regret is that,
I did not discover your mission and the forum earlier. Often, I comfort
myself that it's better late than never,

Dear Brother, as I tried to spread about True Islam according to the Qur'an
the stumbling block is language. Almost all translations used by Malaysians
are N2I. Is there at least translation of QXP in Bahasa Indonesia ? If there
is, can you please help me to get it? At the same time,its rather a lonely
world for me not to have like minded people to relate with as to how we can
really spread The Message of the Qur'an. I remember in one of your posts,
you mentioned a group of like minded peoplein Malaysia. Is it possible for
you to help me get in touch with them?

I have searched the web, but the Kasim Ahmad group is probably working
underground . The clerics in Malaysia had branded him a 'Kafir'. Too
dangerous for him and the group to practise True Islam openly. Please
help me in any way you can.

May Allah Bless you and your beloved Family. My Salaam to Farida.

Your student,

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