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Re: Miracles happens?
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Thursday, 29 March 2012, 12:41 pm
In Response To: Miracles happens? (Bilal Jamil, Oman)

You wrote:-

3) why Allah do upside down a town or flood a country i.e Prophet Nooh's ark, why Allah punish them when Allah say in Quran All wrong you bring by yourself, let the wrong adopted system itself destroy a nation why interfere, and why after prophet muhammad not such a destruction came to any nation that its totally vanished, as mullah claim that it is the Rehmat of our prophet mohammed. confused !!!

Confusion comes from doubt about what you are being taught/brainwashed into believing. Before you succumb to the dark side of blind indoctrination and stop this thinking, reflect upon the following:-



What world are your mullahs living in? A tsunami kills 300,000 because they did not have an early warning system; people allowed homes of the poor to be built in low lying lands, etc. to be washed away. Were these people not “punished” by Allah? Palestinian Muslims, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan; Rehmat of our prophet Muhammed, indeed! Ask that of your Mullah!

Punishment and reward comes about through this created universe, but accidents also happen, it is a consequence of how things have evolved. We get birth defects, diseases that kill and cause disfigurement, mechanical faults occur and cause death/injury etc. It had to have been this way; without struggle there is only stagnation, parts not used atrophy [e.g. appendix]. It may seem cruel, reality sometimes ‘sucks’, but everyone is in the same boat and we have to live with it. Allah’s rahmat comes from providing us with the means to nourish ourselves, which should lead to evolution and a collective better world; when we abuse this gift we create a worse one.

It may not be a satisfactory answer, questions could be raised about any number of issues, so keep thinking and keep questioning, for when you stop you have been caught, you have become another appendix!

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