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Re: To Dr Shabbir
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 23 March 2012, 5:15 pm
In Response To: To Dr Shabbir (Alwi Memon, Nigeria)

Wa alaikum Assalam, my respected brother,

Please leave your questions open for all.

In my opinion based on the Qur'an:

Zakat funds should not be used for Umra or Hajj at all.

Even Hajj is due upon those who HAVE the means to do it.

3:96 He erected the First House (Sanctuary) appointed for all mankind, at the blessed Bakkah. It is to serve as a beacon of light for all humanity (in order to regain their lost unity).

[2:125. Bakkah came to be known as Makkah later. In the ancient Arabic dialect b was interchangeable with m]

3:97 Therein are clear messages (to achieve that coveted goal and recall) how Abraham once took his stand (against all divisions of humanity and was granted the leadership of all mankind 2:124-125). Those who enter the System symbolized thereby shall find inner peace and external security. Pilgrimage to this House is a duty all mankind owe to God, those who have the circumstantial means to undertake the visit. One who denies this command should know that God is Absolutely Independent of all His creation.

[Pilgrimage = Joining the Hajj Convention. Mankind can realize the blessings of unity by rallying around this Divinely appointed Center of Ideology. 22:25-28. The idolaters are forbidden only to ‘ya’mur’ or administer the Masjid for obvious ideological reasons. 9:17-18]

A lifelong student

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