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Bibi Sanam Janem
By:Muhammad Rafi Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 21 March 2012, 5:58 pm

This one is with English subtitles.....(by Zeb and Haniya).....

Bibi sanam janem, anaar-e-sisstanem ( My love, you are like the sweet pomegranate of Sistan)
Ba darwazae tajh quran jayee sanam janem ( Your being borders on the divine, my love Bibi sanam janem, anaar-e-sisstanem) ...

This is a beautiful Afghani song, in Dari (Afghani Persian) which I understand a bit.I have travelled a lot in and through Afghanistan and Iran (overland)
'Anar-e-Sistanium' means pomegranate of Sistan (which is a province in both Iran and Afghanistan. In Iran it is also called Iranian Baluchistan, famous for beautiful pomegranates).
'Darwaza-e Taj-quran' means the door of Tajquran city, a border town of Pakistan-China on the Chinese side. Used to be part of Pakistan and with the border adjustment with China it was given to China and is a part of Xinjiang province. Historically it was an Afghani town.
The words by themselves show the divine status of this city. This is the explanation of the beginning verse. Enjoy and try to understand the rest of the song.


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Bibi Sanam Janem
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Bibi Sanam Janem
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