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Shari'ah Debate - Beard & Belly
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Wednesday, 21 March 2012, 2:11 am
In Response To: Sharia Debate (Mubashir, Canada)

Dear brother,

I viewed the part one only and that was enough for me.

One: Mullah Hasan Mahmud underscores a question by his very presence. Why do men with a foot-long beard have a vacant upper story and carry a double spare tire on their pot bellies?

Leaving aside a small minority, the Mullahs and "Maulanas" are found to be fat. First of all, they do nothing but sit around telling stories about their "great" ancestors and throwing fabricated Ahadith on to each other. These couch potatoes live on public money for leading prayers and countless "Islamic" rituals. Won't they 'offer' Namaz for themselves without getting paid? Then, for some obscure reason (possibly for indulging in material pleasures) they are big eaters, especially of sweets, desserts, puddings and halwa puris.

Hazrat Umar is reported to have said, "Allah loves not the fat 'Aalim-e-Deen" (One who knows and practices Islam as the System of Life).
- “Ma'arif-il-Qur'an" by the late Mufti Azam of Pakistan, Mufti Muhammad Shafi

The saying makes much sense. The Mullah is not 'Aalim-e-Deen and the latter will not commit excesses.

Two: I heard the greatest insult to the genius of Albert Einstein from the bespectacled, clean-shaven (Mullah) Mubin Sheikh. He says that some Dr. Hashim Kamali is the Einstein of Islamic Jurisprudence. LOL

Three: The moment someone mentions the Qur'an suffixed with SUNNAH as the primary source of Islam, he commits an intellectual suicide.

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