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Re: Dr. Laurence Brown
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 2:24 pm
In Response To: Dr. Laurence Brown (M.Iqbal Khan, Illinois, USA)

I saw Mr. Lawrence Brown on Peace TV so I was interested in reading more about this man. He has a number of articles on his website which are interesting though a little ‘light’. I particularly liked the following extract:-

“So why isn't it enough just to be good? And why isn't it enough for each of us to worship God in our own way? To begin with, peoples' definitions of "good" differ. For some it is high morals and clean living, for others it is madness and mayhem. Similarly, concepts of how to serve and worship our Creator differ as well. More importantly and to the point, nobody can walk into a store or a restaurant and pay with a different currency than the merchant accepts. So it is with religion. If people want God to accept their servitude and worship, they have to pay in the currency God demands. And that currency is obedience to His revelation.”

Worshipping God is “obedience to His revelation”; the man has reflected upon the Quran and come up trumps on this point.

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