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Debate with Ibn Warraq and "ISLAM AS I UNDERSTAND"
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 2:34 am
In Response To: Debate with Ibn Warraq (Mubashir, Canada)

Ibn Warraq (an assumed name) published his most famous book WHY I AM NOT A MUSLIM in 1995. A friend brought the book to me as a gift and asked me to consider responding to it. His book spanned over 600 pages in small font, obviously not at all reader friendly. But I labored through reading it since his book was becoming famous in the 1990s.

My response was brief, simple and very reader friendly - WHY I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN (English and Urdu), with a sub-heading ISLAM AS I UNDERSTAND. So far, the book has been translated into eleven languages and it is in circulation around the world by a few millions according to some estimates from the East and the West.

NO WONDER, IN THE VIDEO VERY KINDLY POSTED BY MY MU'MIN BROTHER MUBASHIR, THE HIGHLY INFLAMMABLE IBN WARRAQ APPEARS TO BE VERY MELLOW. In fact, he had become mellow by the year 2000. Now he understood that the Pristine Islam is most lovable in contrast to the Manmade, Ajami, Counterfeit, Imamist and Conjecture-based, Number Two Islam (N2I) which is a scourge of humanity.

Ibn Warraq, reportedly a former Pakistani Muslim (I am not sure), and a reclusive man had truly worked hard to gather as much trash against Islam as he could. Quite a few other men have done a similar job especially in the last one hundred years. It is a job cut out for them especially by the "Wicked Witch of the East" i.e. Muslim clergy of the old and new. "Muslim" historians and Muhadditheen have left no stone unturned in maligning Islam since "Imam" Bukhari and "Imam" Tabari's times.



• Imam Ibn Jareer Tabari 310 (923 CE) - The first exponent of the Qur’an and the first ever historian)
• Imam Muhammad Ismail Bukhari 256 AH (870 CE)
• Imam Muslim Bin Hajjaj Al-Qasheeri 261 AH (875 CE)
• Imam Abu Abdullah Ibn Yazeed Ibn Majah 273 AH (886 CE)
• Imam Abu Dawood Sulaiman 275 AH (888 CE)
• Imam Abu Musa Tirmizi 279 AH (883 CE)
• Imam Abdur Rahman Nisai 303 AH (915 CE)

• Sheikh Muhammad Bin Yaqoob Bin Ishaq Al-Kaleeni 329 (941 CE)
• Sheikh Saddooq Abu Ja'far bin Ali Tabrasi 381 (993 CE)
• Sheikh Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn-e-Hasan Toosi 460 (1071 CE)

So, men like Ibn Warraq have the pie made up for them. The most stupid of the group has been Salman Rushdie since he created a sorry fictitious novel distorting names of the honorable figures in Islamic history in his SATANIC VERSES, essentially a book without any substance.

Muslims around the world did a great job of getting furious. Ayatollah Khomeini issued a verdict of death and placed a lucrative bounty on Rushdie's head. All this fiasco made Rushdie a multimillionaire overnight. When I read SATANIC VERSES, I could not help but pity the author's small mind.

No one in the world would have known and cared about the book had the Muslims raised no hue and cry about it. But they are good, no, extremely good, at that - coming on to the streets, chanting slogans, burning effigies, destroying property in their own lands - a dividend handsomely paid to the so called authors!

Muslims forget that sometimes no action is the best action.

A lifelong student

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