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Can Jinns "Possess?"
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Saturday, 17 March 2012, 5:23 pm

The video below seems to suggest a lady being 'posessed" (Majnoon?) by a Jinn. Is this possible. If it were then Allah not only would have warned us about it but shown us a way out as well.


We learn from the Qur'an that the Jinn (Hidden Beings) were created before man [15:26-27]



A DIFFERENCE IN CREATION [nare-sumun' (15:27) and 'mariji-min nar' (55:15)]

The Jinn have free will, volition and therefore subject to appropriate answerability. (7:179, 55:39, 6:128).

They have the ability to discern truth (72:2) from falsehood (72:4) and understand that they will be judged (72:14-15).

Interaction between the two creations (man and jinn) is recognised by the Quran. Despite providing useful benefits as in the case of Prophet Solomon (34:13, 27:39-40), a negative connotation to the interaction seems to attract more prominent emphasis (6:128).

Each creation (humankind and jinn) has been sent its own guidance (rusulun minkum - 6:130). Therefore, there is no warrant for the understanding that human messengers were also sent for the Jinn's guidance. Although the Quran acknowledges an incident (72:1, 46:29) where the Jinn listened to (istama'a) a recitation of the Quran, this incident consisting of a mere group (nafarun 72:1) seems to be narrated as an exception rather than a rule. Certainly the Prophet had no expectation that any such creation would be privy to his recitation until he was informed after the event (uhiya ilayya - It has been revealed to me, 72:1).

The ability of the Jinn to continue their progeny (dhurriyati - 18:50) has also been acknowledged by the Quran. This need not be restrictively understood in a human procreative sense. Different creations (42:29) throughout the Universe can implicitly have their own manner of reproduction.

The Jinn live and die (46:18).

They are a separate creation from mankind (15:26-27) and the angels (34:40-41).

There exists good and evil amongst them and they abide in divergent sects / ways (72:11).

They have no knowledge of the future (72:10).

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Can Jinns "Possess?"
Mubashir, Canada -- Saturday, 17 March 2012, 5:23 pm
Can Jinns "Possess?"
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