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Message from Moscow (Pl. read with full attention)
By:Muhammad Rafi Karachi
Date: Wednesday, 14 March 2012, 9:12 am

A Message From Moscow (by Sam Gerrans)

I read Russian language and literature after which I lived and worked in Moscow for four or five years. I read the Quran through on my own several times over a six-month period (while I was in Russia) and I regard it as God's message to mankind. I did not have hadith/mullahism baggage and on "coming out" into the world of "Islam" felt somewhat bemused and annoyed at what I found to be Muslims' general disregard for their Book in favour of their own creations. A good knowledge of the Bible and an acquaintance with the mind-bending anti-reason techniques of Christology had prepared me to defend myself against the concerns of "knowledgeable" Muslims gleeful to have found what they call a "revert" to indoctrinate. After suffering a number of unimpressive challenges (bordering on the threatening, on occasion) at the hands of some of the dimmest people I have ever met in the name of what they called Islam I decided to back off and be a lot more careful about who I let into my confidence while searching for like-minded people. I am now relieved and happy to have begun to make the acquaintance of fascinating and stimulating, intellectually dexterous Muslims through the Internet. The main intellectual event which confirmed my resolve to stand by my feeling about the Quran despite the efforts of the Muslims I met to convince me that Islam was for morons is described below. It is connected to Russia, where a part of my life has been spent, and toward which much of my efforts have been directed for the last 10 years. It is repeated here almost verbatim from my posting of last year, and gives some background to my development. With the collapse of the Soviet Union the Russians have had a jolt. This is a nation which- consciously or unconsciously - regards itself as the saviors of mankind. So here they are - the saviors - in the humiliating position of needing saving themselves. Whatever the faults of the soviet regime, it did at least preserve an intelligentsia and promote a serious education. Our Western education was shallow by comparison. This is a nation of chess-players and imaginative inventors. When everything collapsed, a certain group - which calls itself Myotvaya Voda, or Stagnant Water - took an entirely praiseworthy step. They decided to think. This group, made up of some of the most brilliant brains in the whole of Russia, rocket scientists, military tacticians and so on (now largely unemployed) decided to sit down and work out exactly what had gone wrong, what the exact state of play was, and how to put things right; not only as regards Russia I might add, but in terms of the whole world (Russians like to think big!). They have produced a vast body of literature (some of it a bit stodgy, it has to be admitted) and set up a forum in which to tease out the facts from the fiction of their own demise. This is not a drawn-out exercise in self-pity; quite the opposite. It is a cold, hard look at the realities of their own position. I have summarized below the essence of their thought regarding only two points: the question of Power, and their conclusions regarding the next stage of development for the world at large.

There are six "platforms" or "weapons" on or with which power is wielded by the powers that be (who they are is a separate question and one about which some knowledge- though assumed - is not vital here). These six weapons divide into two groups of three. These are 'informational' weapons and 'material' weapons. In order to have (or to approach in any meaningful sense) real power it is imperative to understand this mechanism.

1. Methodological.
This is the platform on which philosophical, methodological, and informational systems and habits are formed. If you cannot think a thing it is quite clear you can't do it. On this level habits are ingrained in the masses so that they are able only to formulate questions according to certain patterns. This level affects what we might call the world-view.
2. Historical.
This platform is related to the first, yet distinct. All historical references have a bearing on our perceptions and what we deem to be possible. One very small example from my own academic experience is that practically all the key players in the so-called Russian Revolution had one particular feature in common, i.e. that they were Jewish. This may or may not be a vital point in itself, yet it is worthy of note at the least. However, you will have to go a very long way before you will find a textbook in any Western library which even alludes to this historical fact (all the way to the former Soviet Union, in fact). Our history is not history. It is, as Napoleon said, lies agreed upon. In order to understand it in any sense (and thereby your present) you need to comprehend who is lying and why, on the one hand, and have the truth to combat it on the other.
3. Factual
(faktologichesky in Russian); perhaps "Informational" is closer. This level concerns the guiding of religion, ideology, technology, newspapers, the type of novels which get published and promoted and the like. This is a huge subject, but I'm sure that anyone who has been away from any country for any period has had the impression on his return that everyone has been primed to think about certain things: Princess Di, racial questions, power-dressing or Michael Jackson... it's not really important what it is, the point is that there are trends and agendas of things for the unwary to have their (ever decreasing) attention spans pointed at. Now we come to the material weapons.

1. Economic.
World money markets, the credit-based system, the parasitic interest-oriented machine of oppression, sanctions. These are a form of control and oppression, about which there is nothing "free" whatsoever. The "free" market is a myth. These are weapons of control, and those who understand power understand this truth. Humanitarian aid' is also a very effective poison.
2. Tools of Genocide.
These are things which affect not only the living, but harm generations yet unborn. In this category comes alcohol, all forms of drugs, brain-washing techniques, subliminal influence, and genetic engineering. It is interesting to note that the group regards the drugs proliferation as overt policy and in the interests of those who control. It is poignant that the US used low grade plutonium bombs against Yugoslavia and Iraq. The weaponry used was designed to corrupt and weaken the genetic fibre of those nations for generations to come. Genetically modified foods, it is quite likely, will be discovered to have the same effect ten years down the line.
3. Traditional Arms.
Guns, soldiers, tanks, nuclear bombs, etc. According to MV the cutting edge of power is applied through all these media. Most of us may recognize one or two of these categories. However, the findings of MV is that power (as we have come to know it, at any rate) is effective only if it influences all six levels simultaneously, and this level is probably the most primative and should only be engaged in when appropriate.

The groups has looked at all ideological forms and processes, past and present from a cold, rational point of view. In a nutshell their findings are these: All systems are created to serve the controlling elite. The masses are kept poor and busy, and if they get money they are encouraged to spend it on rubbish. All religious books are flawed and all religious systems exist to control the minds of their followers... with one exception: the Quran. This group has been through absolutely everything (I am cutting down to a page or two a body of literature which would take you six months to read). Their findings on all religions are that they are a level-3 factual tool against humankind in the hands of the ruling (unseen) elite and that most definitely includes "Islam" and hadith etc., etc. Yet, this group has deep respect for the Quran, believing it to be from God, complete, and unadulterated and forecasts that the world is on the edge of what they call a Quranic Age. This is what research and the application of intellect brought this group of top-class brains to. Although reared on dialectical materialism, and with no axe to grind or particular view to promote, when they sat down to sift through the human experience since the beginning of time to the present moment, they came to the above conclusions. I hope that was of some interest to you. If you read Russian and wish to wade through the corpus of work they have produced (and have no immediate plans for the next few months) you can find them at http://www.kobro.com(link broken)

I have made it all sound much more cerebral than it really was. I did doubt myself on many occasions, and felt vulnerable and insecure standing alone and shaven against so many "beards", as it were. My reading of this group's work helped fortify me against all the helpful people with their endless list of "sunnat" designed to nip any imaginative endeavour in the bud. I long fought against the notion of distinguishing myself as a particular 'kind' of Muslim, but I have recently changed my mind. I call myself a Quranic Muslim, or a Quranicist. I'm just fed up with having a thousand years' worth of stupidity ascribed to me when I try to engage people in conversation on serious subjects.

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