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Muslims owe a LOT to the Jews and their scripture!
Date: Tuesday, 13 March 2012, 3:16 am

It’s all in human nature—Shirk. Muslims are NOT satisfied only by the Book of Allah. They need a golden calf nearby that can keep their ‘shirki ego’ satisfied. That’s what happened with Children of Israel—Prophet Moses was gone only for 40 nights and the whole nation was on the stand—the Golden Calf— that, too, in the presence of another Prophet who couldn’t do anything to stop them. Later, the COI got scolded by Prophet Moses—yet at another occasion, they asked Moses to make them a statue like the one they had just seen being worshipped!

After Prophet Moses was gone, the COI invented Mishna and Gomorrah—piles and piles extra-Torah material!

If you want to know why Muslims have so much respect for the man-made stuff called “Hadith”, read the history of the COI—it’s all there. There are clear parallels between the two. Today, the fact is that the Muslims are more Jewish than the Jews themselves. They stone the adulterers to death, the Torah punishment. They execute the apostates—the Torah punishment. They circumcise the males, their women cover their heads—all Jewish Torah-mandated actions. They fast on the Day when the COI were released from captivity—just like the Jews. Not only that it is ONLY because of the Jewish Prophet that these “Muslims” are required to pray ONLY for five times—otherwise they were all set for 50 prayers a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are many other things the “Muslims” do that are found in the Torah but NOT found in the Qur’an. The Muslims owe a LOT to the Jewish people and their religions. They can never thank them enough!


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Muslims owe a LOT to the Jews and their scripture!
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