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Re: Islam = Qur'an + Sunnah !!! Help ?
By:Noman Waseem, New Jersey
Date: Wednesday, 7 March 2012, 3:31 am
In Response To: Islam = Qur'an + Sunnah !!! Help ? (Zuhaib Sabri)

Dear Zuhaib, AOA,

The problem here is the problem that most discussions suffer from which push under the rug the fact that what is being discussed is largely speculative. In other words, ahadith, being a speculative collection of narratives on the life and history of the prophet, is something that can be bent and shaped at will to fit any imaginable argument. Much like Chinese proverbs, you can reach contradictory conclusions from the full collection of ahadith, precisely because it isn't, unlike the Qur'an, internally consistent. If you happen to be arguing with someone who's primarily interested in breaking down your arguments, even at the cost of looking foolish, then nothing you say can 'beat' this person's arguments.

As Dr. Shabbir's works have pointed out time and time again, the ahadith is riddled with inconsistencies and blatant contradictions that are ripe for the picking for anyone who wants to create their own flavor of Islam, even one that contradicts the Qur'an itself. So I wouldn't be surprised if what you are really challenging in that forum is ego and attitude rather than sincere reasoned belief.

I think it's great to try and engage anyone with the message, but I suggest that you keep your responses measured and not let yourself get bogged down in their challenges. Don't approach discussions of religion as something you have to win. The job of Muslims is after all to spread the message, not to 'convert' people or convince anyone of anything. It is God that softens or hardens the hearts of people, changing their attitudes through His Laws. Consider for example what the Qur'an teaches us right from the start:

2:6 Remember that those who have chosen denial in advance, it is all the same to them whether you apprise them (of the consequences of their actions) or apprise them not. They will refuse to acknowledge the truth. [2:89-109, 6:26, 27:14, 35:42-43, 36:70, 41:26, 47:32]

The problem with discussions on religious forums is shared, I think, with political forums: they're generally breading grounds for group think. The majority of the viewers are there to learn and don't post, and the few that do the posting will do so mostly because they've already made up their minds on a subject. So the back-and-forth argumentation between two people that've already made up their minds is unlikely to accomplish what you might be hoping for.

Warm Regards!


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