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Re: Critique of a hadith report by Br Irfan
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 8:43 pm
In Response To: Critique of a hadith report by Br Irfan (Mubashir, Canada)

Not to be out-done, Kaukab replies (below).

First of all we read about many receipients of Wahi in the Qur'an like Abraham, Jesus, David, Lot, etc. none of them were distressed to the point of thinking of committing suicide. The only part Qur'an tells us that the Messenger did not know before hand that he was going to to be chosen for Nabbuwat and Risalat.

Second the incident is described in such vivid detail that no one could take it in a metaphorical way, as per Mr Kaukab.

The reason I am sharing this exchange is for memebers of Our Beacon to know to what extent those who believe Ahadith collections as sacred would go to defend them.

Here is Mr Kaukab's response (Notice the inflamtory language used at the end):

Looks like between Syed Ali and Faiz, we have DUMB and DUMBER.

Religion uses metaphors, like the Qur'an was sent down on a mountain.

Same way, the angel embracing the Prophet, pbuh, till he almost dies has tremendous spiritual significance of the meeting of the mortal and the immortal, the Word of Allah, coming to a human who did not expect it.

Obviously, Faiz-Irfan-Tahira lacks even a minimum sense of the sacred and attacks Islam in a most blasphemous way.

Only in the sacrilegous atmosphere of America can garbage like the anti-Hadith grouplets survive.

"Qur'an only" is nothing but nonsense. The Qur'an itself does not make any such demand but urges Muslims to follow and obey Muhammad, pbuh.

These anti-Hadithi fools can't even reveal their IDs. They lack any educational or Islamic credentials. They are dumb enough to think that Imam Bukhari narrated hadith. And here they come, treating Islam worse than any Jew or Hindu could.

This is the kind of abuse Salman Rushdie tried. They have no argument, no scholarship and no understanding of either the Qur'an or the Hadith

The revelation stopped. Irfan expresses astonishment. If Irfan is surprised, then hadith must be wrong. This is the kind of argument these people have.

Islam, both in Qur'an and Hadith teaches CONTINUITY with previous scriptures. So, if the Hadith shows that a Christian elder recognized the Prophet, pbuh, Irfan is surprised. So if Irfan is suirprised, theh Hadith must be wrong.

That's the anti-Hadith thought process in brief.

These attacks on Islam by Irfan, Syed Ali and such like are the efforts of frustrated men who have no love of Muslims or Islam and are bent on urinating on all that is holy, just like the marines did on the Muslims they had killed.

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