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Critique of a hadith report by Br Irfan
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 4:37 pm

Brother Irfan commenting on what Hadith reports say was the "First Revelation" and how the blessed Messenger Muhammad (S) reportedly reacted:


Kaukab Siddique---finally---did see some ridiculousness in this long poorly fabricated story—that’s why I see his note in the parenthesis “(or what shall I read)?”. This parenthetical note is NOT to be found in the original hadith folklore.

Only a moron like Kaukab will believe this hadith to be true:

First, the angel asks “Read!”. Obviously, the angel should have something for the Propeht (pbuh) to read. Read what? But the Prophet surprisingly does not ask “Read what?”, rather, he says “I can’t read”. This seems to be an innocent but straightforward answer, and an intelligent angel will have no objection to it—but surprise, surprise, he punishes the Prophet for not ‘reading’; he starts squeezing Prophet’s chest to almost choking point. He releases him and asks the same question “Read”. Is this angel expecting a better answer from the Prophet this time around? Obviously not. But somehow the angel (ma’azallah) still not get Prophet’s innocent answer. Guess what—the Prophet gets squeezed again, released again and get asked again---yes, the SAME question---and the SAME answer…the SAME squeezing!!!

This hadith is not a hadith—it’s a melodrama that provides ‘knowledge’ only to the most naïve. It has nothing but absurdity in it.

And the absurdity of this long fabrication does not end here: Whoever made this story in the name of our mother of believers Aesha (ra) was certainly not a very smart person…. but smart enough to fool millions through the last 1400 years!

Back to the fairy tale: …then, since the Prophet, somehow, still did not understand what had just happened (even though he was 40, not a child), and the angel did not explain to him his mission during his first visit, he was taken to his wife’s Christian cousin Waraqa bin Naufel. Apparently, the Prophet himself did not know what this blind Christian told him. You know…Muslims should be especially thankful to the ‘knowledgeable’ Christians for enlightening the Last Prophet and showing him his identity—something that Allah and the Jibreel failed to do—ma’azallah.

Wait a minute…I am not done with this weird story yet: Then the revelation—for some strange reason—stops for quite a while—some say, for 3 months some take this ‘blind spot’ period to three years, during which time, the Prophet actually makes—not one---but several suicide attempts. Each time the SAME angel assures the Prophet that he should not have doubt about his own prophethood; but the Prophet puts prophet’s anxiety only temporarily—till the next suicide attempt!!!

Is this story about a man who is fearful of the immediate unseen, who is superstitiously timid, who lacks self-confidence, someone who is schizophrenic with suicidal tendencies? Of course it is. But this can’t be the story of a prophet whose advent was prophesied in all earlier scriptures, who was going to be made the mercy for all creation, who was supposed to have the highest of moral standards, who was brave and confident and self-assured---and the one who practiced what he was lead to believe through Divine revelation. Who tells us all that about this prophet? You guessed right—Allah, the Most High! Not some Bukhari.

Now, this story was written---ohhhh…some 1100 years ago—by some ‘imam’ or ‘shaikh’ or some plain storyteller. Fast-forward to the year 2012. Today, a Ph.D in English is not the only person who believes in this ludicrous story, but rather millions of others who do not use their head accept this story hook, line, and sinker! Why? Well, because Bukhari wrote it. They say “ustaad ka she’r hai kai nuktah zaroor ho ga”.

They don’t question absurdity—they just believe in it. Deaf, dumb, and blind….will they remain—even with their Ph.Ds and MDs. This is their punishment in this word for making fairy tales as part of their faith.

This is not the only absurd story in Bukahri and Co business. Those books have LOTS of them for your entertainment. Keep them away from your children, though.


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