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Who rules Pakistan?
By:Muhammad Rafi Karachi
Date: Thursday, 1 March 2012, 4:18 pm

Who rules Pakistan? Malik Riaz of Bahria Foundation

Malik Riaz was the conduit for bringing the PML Q wing led by Chaudhry Shujaat/ Chaudhry Pervez Illahi into AZ fold. Pres. Zardai was so pleased/Jubiliant with NICL scandal! NICL delivered three people/groups to him.

1. Yusuf Raza Gilani, as his son/ sons were involved

2. Benazir's nominee for PM.... Makhdoom Amin Fahim

3. Chaudhry Shujaat Husain and Chaudhry Pervez Illahi

How the corruption of some, benefits the other corrupt elements. The threat by MQM was thwarted by NICL as Chaudhries came into the fold thereby out smarting the MQM.

Who the hell is Taji Khokhar? Brother of Nawaz Khokhar, formerly Deputy speaker of National Assembly.

He works on behalf of Malik Riaz for acquisition/land grabbing in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi area on behalf of Malik Riaz, the Don!

Taji (Imtiaz Khokhar) lives on the main road connecting Rawalpindi to Islamabad with a Zoo where interalia there are two Lions. Daily expenditure over a lakh rupees. He is responsible for killing of at least 100 people in pursuit of land grabbing.

At one point after killing more than four persons at a land site, he came home and shot his long time guard and registered FIR against those killed by him and using as a cause for retaliatory firing. Of course he compensated the family adequately.

Who is Faisal Butt?

He owned/owns a guest house in Islamabad where Mr AZ used to visit in the evenings while in so called detention. He used to supply Russian girls and provide Mr AZ's favorite drinks.

Mr AZ asked Faisal Butt of his Choice. He asked for CDA.... Mr AZ, who is known for never forgetting anyone who even offered him a glass of water, when in difficulty (unlike Nawaz & Shahbaz Sharf). Mr AZ asked his choice for Chairman CDA. Butt suggeted Kamran Lashari. Mr AZ agreed and appointed him. He told Lashari to follow orders from Mr Faisal Butt. This continues after Kamran Lashari.

Also, former Secretary Defence's brother amassed Millions of Dollars with full patronage of his powerful brother.....

Also it is learnt that real brother of COAS, Ali Kiyani has amassed billions through Mr Malik Riaz?

Malik Riaz also has Shahbaz Sharif in his pocket and has been successful in causing a breach in PML N. Chaudhry Nisar was the victim. All PML N MNA's and MPAs from PML N from the area around Pindi/ Islamabad are in the pocket of Malik Riaz