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Baluch propaganda
By:Muhammad Rafi Karachi
Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2012, 6:14 pm

Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 5:20 AM

Must open our eyes and stop disinformation.

A common perception, and Militant-Baloch propaganda suggests that Baloch are found only in Balochistan and poor guys are persecuted beyond comprehension. This is absolutely wrong. The facts are different but our ACTIVE media does not investigate or cares. They drag a few un-knowledgeable persons and start asking questions in talk-shows as if they are most knowledgeable.

Balochistan is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic land which was named as such in 1970 when One Unit was abolished. Previously, Balochistan meant Confederation of four Baloch/Brahui states which on emergence of Pakistan were named as Kalat Division. Baloch are also settlers here who came from Western Persia in 1200-1300 AD. Indeed, the bright ones did not stop in this very harsh inhospitable land with almost no rains, no river, no towns and nothing to survive on. They marched on and settled in Punjab and Sindh. Roughly, there are 3 times more Baloch in Sindh and 5-6 times more in Punjab than living in "Balochistan".

From the general line Sargodha to Okara and southward right up to the sea, one finds Baloch all over living in peace. Some have risen to the level of being presidents, Prime Ministers, governors and of course innumerable numbers are ministers, advisers and holding senior positions in civil and military service.

As per the Chachnama, the indigenous Sindhis are Sumras, Samas and Junejas. All others are migrant settlers. Interestingly, only MQM claims to be Refugees, no one else does. Which is a very good thing.

Following is a fairly accurate list (some may have been left out due to over sight) of the Baloch tribe living in Sindh and Punjab:

Shar, Magassi, Magsi, Kulachi, Dodai, Chandio, Kaisarani, Jaskani, Gurchani, Shambani, Nutkani, Khoso, Mahr, Gopang, Buladhi, Hasani, Lund, Lashari, Korai, Mirrani, Parihar, Almani, Umarani, Gabol, Jakhrani, Rind, Pitafi, Talpur, Jatoi, Bozdar, Mazari, Bijarani, Legharis

Almost half of these tribes are found in Baloch/Brahui areas of Balochistan. But tribes have a tendency to make new branches and acquire new names. Bijrani is a branch of Marri Baloch living primarily in Kahan-Kohlu area of Balochistan. Mir Hazar Bajrani living in Sindh is a well known PPP minister. Similarly Khosas live in Balochistan as well as in Punjab and Sindh. Last governor of Punjab and his son Dost Muhammad are both Khosas. Marris have some 26 branches typical of all tribes who go on branching off if a father has acquired some prominence, he starts his sub-tribe. Bugti have some 23 branches. Jakhranis are close cousins of Bugtis and even live near them astride the border of Sindh and Balochistan.

The anti-Pakistan propaganda notwithstanding, Baloch have never been persecuted or hunted in Pakistan. They have been presidents, prime ministers, generals, governors, ministers and ambassadors in Pakistan besides being at high positions in civil government.

But what can government or security forces do when they are fired upon? Should they not fire back because the shooter belongs to a Baloch tribe? It is a very strange behaviour that when the Punjabi settlers were being killed daily and there was no shutter-down no strike not even a condemnation by any Baloch/Brahui leader. But when a Baloch is killed even in return fire, Human Rights are suddenly remembered by all. No one, not even CIA seems to remember the old English saying, "What you sow so shall you reap".

The present insurgency was bred and fostered by CIA and Nawab Akbar Bugti, Attaullah Mengal and Nawab Khair bukhsh Marri (living in Karachi Defence) got high jacked. Only 3 Baloch and Brahui leaders!!!

The Pashtuns, Hazaras, Sindhis and many Brahui and Baloch tribes are peaceful and not become stooges of CIA. Even now CIA is looking after Brahmdagh Bugti, Hairbiar Marri and Suleman. Incidently, Hairbiar means, someone who brings goodness!!!