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Help Needed: Arif Shamim, Rakib Hassan, and Others
By:Noman Waseem, New Jersey
Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2012, 4:28 pm

Dear All, AOA,

Continuing from the work on an eBook format of QXP (for viewing on your eReader like Kindle, etc.), I have included several other formats: a standard HTML file (for viewing on your computer), a mobile HTML file (for viewing on smartphones), and finally a database format for those tech-savvy folks who want to be able to format it themselves in whatever way they please.

I originally started project this for myself for the sake of convenience, but the expansion into these other formats and making them available online for free does imply more than just convenience. Before making this available, I would greatly appreciate the understanding of Mr. Shamim, Mr. Hassan and anyone else who can guide me as with regards to in what manner these formats should be made available.

Warm Regards!