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Virgin Birth?
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 28 February 2012, 3:03 pm
In Response To: Is virgin birth or parthenogenesis impossible ? (*Dr. Shabbir, Florida)


JESUS NEVER ASCENDED: Under the Biblical influence, most Muslims believe in the Ascension of Jesus. But that would be contrary to Divine Laws. He did not ascend to the skies. Allah is everywhere. Rafa' = To exalt in honor = Raise in degrees.

3:55 “O Jesus! I will cause you to die of natural causes and I will exalt you in honor and I will clear you of the slander of the disbelievers. And I will cause those who truly follow you to dominate those who reject, until the Day of Resurrection. Eventually, all of you will return to Me, then I will judge among you about that wherein you used to differ.”

JESUS, LIKE OTHER MEN: Jesus was born like Adam i.e. Adami, a man like others. Adam = Mankind, not the first prophet (6:84-86). Many tafseers say Jesus was like Adam since the latter was born without a father or mother. But, in that case, Jesus had only mother but no father, and that is no likeness at all.

3:59 Verily, with Allah, the example (or nature) of Jesus is that of Adam (other humans) who were initially created from dust and then evolved through different stages of life (22:5, 30:20). He created him (mankind) beginning from inorganic matter, then, He said unto him, “Be! And he is.” (The process of procreation of the humans goes on, “IS”. 'Kun fayakoon' = The moment Allah decrees a thing, it starts happening.

JESUS DIED HERE: He was never raised to the heavens. Some priests rightly propagate:
01. Muslims believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
02. They believe in his physical miracles.
03. They say he is alive up in the heavens.
04. They also believe in his second coming.

Why don't they become Christians? Good question. Isn't it? But, are not these four dogmas non-Qur’anic fabrications of the Criminals of Islam? Aren't N2Is 90% Christian? Please see QXP 3:45-55.

JESUS WAS MARRIED: 13:38 And verily We sent Messengers before you, and We appointed for them wives and children as well. It was not given to any Messenger that he could bring a Sign (the requital people hastened for), but it came with Allah’s Leave (according to the Law of Respite). For every term (rise and fall of nations) there is a Written Law.

JESUS AND MARY MIGRATED: Jesus was never crucified (4:157). He died at a ripe old age (3:46).
23:50 And We made the son of Mary and his mother a symbol (of Our Grace). And, We gave them abode on an elevated resort, affording rest and security and fresh water springs. [They migrated from Can'aan after the attempted crucifixion 3:46. I find myself in agreement with some European researchers that the ten 'lost' Israelite tribes had ended up in today's Afghanistan and Kashmir and that Jesus came searching for them. Unfortunately, many Muslims dismiss this research simply because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian endorsed their research in the 19th century. One must uphold the truth regardless of who denies it or accepts it. It is worth noting that Factor 12 deficiency in the blood is commonly found only among the Jews and the people of Afghanistan and Kashmir]

Visit: www.tombofjesus .com

VIRGIN BIRTH: One of the important injunctions of the Qur’an is that Allah makes Laws as He wills in the World of Command and enforces them in the World of Creation i.e. the Universe (7:54, 85:16). And then, He never changes them. The grand empire of human learning, development, invention, science and technology would have failed to come off ground if Allah’s physical Laws in the Universe were to keep changing. Pregnancy requires the union of the male and the female chromosomes. Allah never changes His Laws. Therefore, the idea of a virgin birth, although popular among the Christians and Muslims, is non-Qur’anic and absolutely erroneous.

Jesus is referred to as son of Mary because his mother was more prominent and also because his father, Joseph the carpenter, died at an early age. The Bible also refers to Jesus as son of man and as son of David. In fact three of the four Gospels in their genealogies name Joseph as the father of Jesus. Mary was the first revolutionary and that too, a feminine voice, against the man-made institution of monasticism. As a custom, quite a few men have been popular by the name of a female member of the family. Examples: Umm Musa, not Abu Musa, Abu Hanifa, the Fatimi dynasty, Abdali son of Zarghoona, Aaron addressing Moses as "O Son of my mother!" etc.

Let us note here a few salient points for the sake of clear understanding.

 Mary was a descendant of Prophet Aaron. Even generations after a prominent person, it was customary to call the descendants by his or her name. In Luke 1:5 Elizabeth, the wife of Prophet Zachariah, is referred to as, “One of the daughters of Aaron”. Similarly, Mary is referred to as sister of Aaron in the Qur’an 19:28.
 In 19:22-23 Mary is shown grieving, then talking to her husband. Marrying him in violation of the sanctuary rules, lack of shelter and labor pains all add to her grief which she is expressing.
Now a few more important concepts given in the Qur’an that strongly negate the fallacy of the “virgin birth” of Jesus:
 Allah does all things according to His Laws (3:40,19:9) You will never find Allah’s Laws changing or deviating (6:34, 6:116, 10:64, 17:77, 18:27, 33:38, 33:62, 35:43, 40:85, 48:23)
 The example of Jesus, as far as God is concerned, is the same as that of Adam. He created him from dust, then said to him, "Be!", and he was (3:59)
 By Adam is meant all mankind (7:11)
 All humans are created from dust, then from a zygote, the union of male and female gametes. (Verses too many to mention).
 The Qur’an emphatically and repeatedly states that all human beings are procreated from both male and female chromosomes, without exception. (Again, verses too many to mention, but Surah Al-Baqarah should suffice).
 Even God won’t have an offspring since He never had a mate (6:101).

Verse 19:22 narrates of Mary moving far off from her village. Since Mary had broken the rules of the shrine, she and her family kept the marriage with Joseph carpenter confidential. [Incidentally, much of this information also appears in The Apocalypse of Peter, Gospel of Mary and The Secret Book of James]

The Qur’an describes Zechariah and wife begetting Yahya a. s. against some odds but not against Allah's Laws. 3:40 Zechariah prayed to Allah, but then wondered, “My Lord! How could I have a son when old age has overtaken me already and my wife is barren?” He said, “So it will be, Allah does everything according to His Laws.” (The infertility in his wife was cured 21:90).
3:43 She (Mary) was told by angels to gather courage, quit monasticism, submit to the Command of her Lord and join her family for leading a normal life bowing to the design that Allah has ordained for people.

3:45 Angels said, “O Mary! Allah gives you the good news through a word from Him. ----.

3:47 Mary exclaimed! “O My Lord, How shall I have a son when no man has touched me?” He said, “Just as Allah creates everyone according to His Laws (3:40). When Allah decrees a matter, it starts happening.”

19:20 She said, "How can I have a son when no man has ever touched me? For, never have I been a loose woman!” (3:46, 19:28).

About 3:45-47 please note that Mary is only engaged and not yet married to Joseph.

A lady from Egypt has contacted me with a problem. She has been married for 7 years and the couple has 4 daughters. The husband is threatening to bring in a second wife to have a male child.

I have spoken to them and, fortunately, the accountant husband understands the situation. He had just obtained an edict from Jami’a Al-Azhar in Cairo in favor of marrying another wife as well.
Here is what showed him the Light.

- Jami’a Al-Azhar in Cairo is the oldest university in the world but it follows the manmade Number Two Islam.
- The Qur’an states that Allah bestows children, male & female according to His laws.

42:49 To God belongs the Dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates and designs all things according to His laws. He bestows the gift of daughters according to His laws and the gift of sons according to His laws.

42:50 Or He bestows both males and females, and He leaves infertile some according to His laws. He is Knower, Omnipotent.

That Divine Law translates into science as below:

- The ovaries of all women produce ova that have only X
- The sperms of all men are about 50% X and the rest 50% Y.
- If a Y chromosome from the man joins the ovum from the woman, the
result is XY, a baby boy.
- If an X chromosome from the man joins the ovum from the
woman, the result is XX, a baby girl.
- Therefore, the sex of the fetus is determined from the husband’s side.
- And, therefore, the idea of a second wife is irrational and unscientific.
- Furthermore, does any NIKAH (marital contract) stipulate that male children will be guaranteed?
- Why should daughters be seen as a second rate gift of Allah?
- The Qur’an does not allow polygamy except in certain exigencies such as war in which numerous men have been killed.

4:3 If you fear that you (the society) shall not be able to do justice with the orphans, (as may happen in times of war and political turbulence, the government shall announce a state of Emergency), then, in order to accommodate widows and orphans, men of sound finances and character shall be encouraged to marry these widows; two, three, and four (4:127). But, if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly, then, you must not take additional wives, and may continue with what you already have (4:129). This will be more suitable to prevent you from doing injustice and face financial hardship. [Second marriage during peace time is a frank violation of the Qur’an – note "If you fear that you (the society)" …]

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