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How to obey Allah and the Messenger--together?
Date: Sunday, 26 February 2012, 10:52 pm

Dear Faiz sb

I like it when you said in some other post...Allah does not just mince words.....every word used in Quran has its meaningful significance.
Repeated "Obey Allah" and "Obey The Messenger" is not just mincing the words.
Infact Obedience of Allah is Obedience of Messenger and vice versa but still two words are used...what do you make of it...do you think its mincing of words or it has some meaningful significance.

Fix your faith from the foundations....talk of ahadith comes way to down.
A part time Messenger for full time life style deen is not possible....does that explain why repeated "Obey the Messenger" is used.
Why best example is set in life style of Prophet Mohammad(saw).
Quran set an example and you think its useless because Quran as a Guide is enough, you don't need an example.

Last but not least...Quran itself claim...its prime job of Prophet to explain Quran....Now in 21st century you think all those Arabs were illiterate and ignorant...they needed explaining...you in 21st century don't need any.
As a student of Quran you must be knowing...an unconditional statement in Quran without restrictions attached is Universal and forever.....All those explaining of Quran stands good till the Judgment Day.....As a student of Quran its your job to seek them.....not to disregard them with contempt as hearsay.

MY response:

Aijaz Sahib,

The Qur’an does say “Obey Allah and obey the Messenger”. In fact, obeying the Messenger is obeying Allah. To say that I, or people like me, DO NOT OBEY the Messenger is not only a big lie and slander but is downright shocking. I say shocking because you and I have been together on many forums for years—and it looks like you still do not understand what I believe!!! This is strange!

How can ANY Muslim worth the name refuse to obey the Messenger??? You don’t. I don’t.

The key problem has never been “Obeying the Messenger”, but rather “How to obey the Messenger”? I say the Qur’an all the “built-in” instructions how to obey the Messenger. You say, no, we have to go Bukhari and Co, or better, the 12 imams to find these instructions. That’s the ONLY difference between you and me. I hope you will understand it this time around---after YEARS.

A Messenger cannot be separated from the Message. The value of the Messenger is ONLY because he carries the Message—that’s why he is called “Messenger”. Messenger obeys the Message himself first before he commands his followers to obey the Message. That’s called “tabayyana and allama” (laying bare and making known/teaching by example). That’s why you seen those verses that appear in the Qur’an regarding the Prophet (sws). Simple enough?

So the Messenger and the Message are not located at different places. Allah has told us A LOT about the Messenger’s character in the Qur’an. What else do you need----How tall was he? What kind of clothes he wore? How did he clean his teeth? How did he have intercourse with his wives? How long his beard was compared to the beards of the Kuffaar?

Or, are you interested in the noble character of the Messenger? If so, you will find it all there in the Qur’an. You don’t have to depend on Bukhari or any of the 12 imams to tell you that.

If you do not think that I am obeying the Messenger already, then please let me know where the Messenger lives. I promise to visit him and OBEY him! Fair enough? Please do this me so I can fulfill my Islam. Now, don’t tell me that I should go to a mosque or imambargah, or read al-Bukhari or al-Kaafi and million other books---just to know how to obey the Messenger. I am only interested in the Truth—not falsehood.


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