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Your matchless work
By:Saeed Qureshi, Dallas/Islamabad
Date: Thursday, 23 February 2012, 2:14 pm

Dear Dr. Shabbir Sahib,

It was so delightful to read your website www.ourbeacon.com that in essence is to discover a treasure of piety and rectitude and an aura of divinity. It was most enticing for me to find out that you spent many years of life in the company of true and devout Muslims and those who were models for the entire Muslim Ummah for their magnificent Islamic way of life and conduct entirely sublime and divine. I must say you are an exceptionally fortunate person to listen, to talk, to converse, to sit and be blessed by such lofty figures as King Faisal and King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz.

Your graphic portrayal of the greatest contemporary figure in Islam King Faisal and his saintly life spent strictly in accordance with the teachings of Islam and in the footprints of the last prophet of Islam are pearls that sooth and dazzle a Muslim faithful. Among his other sterling traits that you have aptly and justifiably attributed to him are, brilliance, integrity, empathy, foresight, trustworthiness and courage. Tragically he left this worldly abode so soon. The probable reasons for his untimely and callous murder as you outlined are credible.

Your description of Nizam Toosi and Imam Ghazâlî certainly provide a new dimension about these guys who otherwise are known to the Muslim scholars in a different garb. But when you define Imam Ghazâlî as “no less than the top criminal of Islam, “Imam Abu Hamid Ghazâlî who primarily laid down the mindless Nizami syllabus in collaboration with Toosi. Ghazâlî grossly insulted the exalted Messenger and his noble companions. For example, he wrote that Hazrat Umar used to break his fast not by eating or drinking but by having sex with three concubines. Soon you will see many shining stars like this.”

As a student of history I have read that he was opposed to the doctrine of mysticism as enunciated by Ibn-e- Sina (Avicenna) and fell back upon integrating mysticism with pristine Islamic theology.

But your analysis that both these person hatched a conspiracy against the Islamic world through Dars-e-Nizami must be carrying weight as you were tutored by brilliant and remarkable scholars and interpreters of Islam such as King Faisal himself.

Your own brief biography, your other articles: “Question answer session with Arnold Yasin from Holland”, “RAMADHAN, SAUM & I’TIKAAF”, “Shab-e- Barat”, “Islam is on the March”, “Number Two Islam” are extremely awesome and monument of industry. I am indeed very proud that you admire my article that is a boon and blessing for me as this appreciation comes from a wholly pious, virtuous and saintly person.


Saeed Qureshi
Dallas, Texas

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Your matchless work
Saeed Qureshi, Dallas/Islamabad -- Thursday, 23 February 2012, 2:14 pm
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