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Quick and Dirty Divorce and Halalah Cocktail
Date: Thursday, 23 February 2012, 5:18 am

Nail beti,
The Qur’an does not require marrying another man unless the three divorces have occurred with THRE iddats completed in three different times of frame. In this case, there is only one divorce. After three “tuhr” period (roughly three months), the divorce became effective in both cases. Now Naeema (or Shameem) can marry her husband with a new Haq Mehr but no halalah is needed (halalah is a mullah innovation which means predetermined marriage and divorce schedule after a short period of spousal relationship—this is totally unQur’anic). Even if the three divorces were pronounced at the time of divorce, still it is ONE divorce because ONE divorce becomes effective only AFTER the iddat period of thee months has elapsed.
Three divorces in one breath makes only one divorce. If I say “I will give you 100 dollars”, it does not matter if I say that one time, or hindered times in the same breath! However, if I say the same thing today and then again after three month again, that means I am promising another 100 dolllars…
Halalah is a disgrace for women. Allah would never put an innocent woman through that atrocity!
I hope that helps.

Dear Irfan,
Please read the below articles and also suggest what does Quran says. Shameem and Naeema are Saeed’s sisters and they both got married to two brothers in 2010. In June 2011 they got divorced but Naeema’s ex-husband wants to reconcile, even during iddat time, he came and wanted to settle everything but then due to some parents issue and due to elder daughter Meryam, no solution reached. They wanted us to take the court cases back. The girls even did so by taking all the cases back. Shameem said that she don’t even want to reconcile, once her ex-husband refused to discuss on this issue. But younger Naeema wants to think over it as her husband still wants to live with her. As far as I have searched the net, I found this site.. http://www.irfi.org/articles/articles_251_300/quranic_concept_of_divorce.htm ,it says after one divorce and after iddat, woman can marry anywhere even with her first husband without halala… please guide… they are also seeking guidance and some maulana in Sialkot said that she has to do nikkah with him again. Their concern is the other family members like in samrala and gujrat, because all of them were told that the girls are divorced… they have to give proper answer to everyone if they follow according to maulana.