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Drinking liquor is more than Haram
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Thursday, 23 February 2012, 12:44 am
In Response To: Drinking liqour is not Haram (Sidqi, Ca)

Muhtaram Sidqi Saheb,

I wonder why no brother or sister has addressed this crucial subject! Are we sleeping or simply ignorant?

Yes, there is no punishment prescribed in the Qur'an for drinking liquor.

The Qur'an prescribes specific punishments only for the following crimes:

1- Adultery & Rape [24:2, 33:60-61]
2 - Slandering chaste women [24:4]
3 - Theft [5:38-39]
4 - Murder [2:178]
5 - Homosexuality [4:16]
6 - Bloody crimes on earth [5:33-34]

Please check the verses referred to above in QXP.

For other crimes, it leaves the matter open for the society to legislate.

The Book does not call the consumption of alcohol or intoxicants HARAM since they are not among the edible things like pork, carrion and anything dedicated to other than Allah. Surely, it does not prescribe any punishment for it. However, the Qur'an denounces it in more strict terms than HARAM. Therefore, it is dangerously erroneous to call liquor 'not HARAM' since it will imply by default that it is HALAL.

2:218 Indeed, those who attain belief and those who forsake the domain of evil and strive in the cause of God, it is those who can rightfully hope for the grace of God. God is Absolver of imperfections, Merciful.

2:219 (Certain things that hinder humans from attaining the aforementioned noble objective are now mentioned.) They ask you (O Messenger) concerning alcohol, intoxicants, games of chance, gambling and money earned without labor. Say, “There is great detriment in these things as well as some benefits for mankind. But the detriment of them is much greater than the benefit of them. They drag down the individual and collective social potential.” And they ask you what they should give. Say, "All that is surplus." Thus God makes His messages plain for you, that you may reflect,

5:90 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Intoxicants and gambling and games of chance, sacrificing animals on stones (altars of idols) and forecasting the future by such means as arrows, raffles and omens (all) is an immoral handiwork of Satan. Refrain from it that you may prosper. [Handiwork of Satan, since these things are based on vain emotions at the cost of human intellect]

5:91 By means of intoxicants and games of chance Satan, your rebellious and selfish desires, incite you to enmity and hatred among you and hinder you from being conscious of God and following the Divine System. Will you not then abstain? [2:219]

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