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Re: eQuran
By:Rakib Hassan (Perth, AU)
Date: Wednesday, 22 February 2012, 3:18 am
In Response To: Re: eQuran (Sidqi, Ca)

Dear Dr. Shabbir,

Salam. You are too kind in your words and especially for them to come from someone as inspiring as yourself - please keep us in your prayers.

@Br. Mohammad - The main enhancements in this version are:
* Arabic-text search
* Categorized bookmarking capability (please refer to help in the app)
* Ability to traverse two levels of related verses

@Br. Sidqi - I do have plans to release an android version of the app. So far, I could do all the coding myself, but for an android version I need to outsource the coding to India. Once I have the necessary resources to be able to do so, I hope to release an android version at the earliest, InShaAllah.


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