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Autnenticity of the Qur'an
By:Rumi / Shabbir
Date: Monday, 20 February 2012, 12:43 am


On Sun, 2/19/12, Rumi wrote:

Subject: Questions!
To: drshabbir@bellsouth.net
Date: Sunday, February 19, 2012, 12:59 AM

AOA, Dear Uncle...following questions are asked by a good friend from
Australia and thanks to your monumental work over the past many years
I'll try my best to respond to these questions but since this topic
will be posted for many to read, I'll like to add your commentary on
top of my answer,
I hope I won't be bothering you and taking too much of your precious time ..
here is what my friend wrote'
"As I told you I read a lot and at the back of my mind, I always have
this question and please DO NOT keep quiet, if don't like it just say
it but DON"T ignore me.

My simple question and I hope I don't offend anyone. Where is the
evidence that the Quran has been retained without change since it was
first revealed to our prophet?

Quran distributed, in Kuwait by Americans , Quran translated by RK ,
with 2 verses removed , oldest Quran by Usman in Tashkent and Turkey,
last 2 pages of Surah 9 and first page of surah 10 torn as if someone
does want someone to be known ( Possibility ). Sanaa Manuscript ...
Allah says Quran is preserved in Master Tablet, and not in human
hands. Allah Says Sunnet e Allah never changes, OT and NT, have been
changed, why can’t this happen to Quran. Where is The Master Tablet,
What will happen 100 yrs from now, every follower of particular Quran
will claim their Quran is Correct!!

Why were 3 pages torn in the oldest copies of Quran displayed at
Tashkent and Turkey, my question is where they hiding something ,
which wasn’t meant to be known that if they have added or removed last
2 verses of Surah 9?

IF they were added or removed, how is Quran protected?? Have we
misunderstood the verse which says Quran is protected on master
tablet, or have we misunderstood the verse where Allah says, We Will
Preserve Quran? Now here is another group which believes Surah Fateha
is NOT part of Quran, thus believing Quran has 113 Surah’s!!!

All this is happening in our lifetime, and we are fortunate to witness
this, but what will happen 100 yrs from now.

Such things are happening around us , I know what my belief is , it’s
got nothing to do with it , when weird things attar to happen , one
does question . These are those people who follow Quran Alone and they
believe Surah Fateha is not part of Quran. Am talking about those
people not questioning the scripture itself

I think all questions are good. The scripture instructed us to
ponder....even the scripture itself. It’s a book of hikma ...asks and
it will lead you.... The very first words in the Quran are a
question...how to achieve serrate mustaqeem ...so questions should be


W'A dear Rumi,

1 - All manuscripts in the museums are fake.

2 - Sana papers almost certainly belong to Musailama Kazzab and his wife Sajjah of Yemen. They had claimed prophethood and revelation. The legible lines are funny and silly :-)

3 - If you read and understand the Qur'anic Arabic, you will find the flow, the rhythm, eloquence, wisdom, choice of words, the themes - all miraculous - Nothing missing or interpolated.

4 - Rashad Khalifa was the only unfortunate false messenger who removed the last two verses of Surah 9, At-Taubah.
Reason: His jealousy could not withstand the laurels on Prophet Muhammad (S). Excuse: The verses did not fit his false #19 theory.

Du'as :-)

Affectionate Uncle,


Thanks a million dear Uncle, love you always ^_^

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