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By:Nina, Indonesia
Date: Thursday, 16 February 2012, 2:40 pm

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed


Dear Sir,

I am a Muslima (31 years) living in Indonesia. It has been about a month, I learned many things that I found on ourbeacon.com.

I feel the need to say thank you very much to you, Mr. Shabbir Ahmed and to the team of Ourbeacon. Since I have finally found many answers to a lot of my questions (about Islam) which can satisfy my heart and mind. Reading QXP and reading your books, and also browse the forum on ourbeacon has given so much valuable input for me.

I finally feel that this is the truth that I had been longing for. Alhamdulillah.

I'm just an ordinary muslim, even I don't have a lot of memorized (Arabic) verses of the Qur'an when compared to my friends. I don't have good memorizing skills.
But, I love Qur'an and I feel the need to know what is inside the Qur’an (because I believe it is from Allah) and I am trying to understand what is conveyed by God through the Qur'an.

QXP is very different with the other translations I ever read before. Reading the QXP like feeling the cool and fresh wind. The real meaning of verses from Allah truly comforts me. Each of verses is so full of light and wisdom, so valuable and so beautiful.

Really I had been longing to hold entirely on something that was certainly vouched for by Allah, which is the Qur'an. During this time, so many hadiths that have been covered me from practicing the teachings of the Qur'an as the primary guide in my life.

I believe that the Qur'an is the only medicine of heart, the true guidance from God that could save/cure Muslims from the 'disease' in the body of the Muslims today.
I want to try to do what I can do to introduce the real Islam to people around me, especially my family. Although I think this should be done in a very cautious way in Indonesia.

Indonesia is full of people who fully confidence to follow the teachings of N2I. In fact, if I express openly that I am a Qur'an-oriented muslim, then I think many people would say that I have gone astray or infidel / apostasy, leaving Islam. :-(

I often feel disappointed with what was done by many Muslim scholars/ulamas in my country, which they often make haram statements about things that actually not forbidden in the Qur'an. I also noticed that many imams /cleric makes Muslims divided. I am sad to see many preachers who seem to only pursue riches and fame. Some preachers in my country also seem like the celebrities.

If I may be honest, what I see is many of those who accumulate wealth and popularity of 'preaching' or 'teach the science of religion'. Some of them become so rich because they are invited to preach everywhere (television shows, at grand recitations, invited for preaching and for Qur'an recitation in the homes of the rich/wealthy/powerful people). It is sad to see that there are the religious teachers and scholars to be like the celebrity used as commercials to attract the hearts of consumers.

I am so thankful I can finally know the real Islam. It's so beautiful and perfect deen. Truth has come to me. And I do not want to reject it.

How could I resist this very noble deen? :-) This is something that can not be denied. It's amazing and perfect and only God can create such guidelines.

Hopefully I can really be a true Muslim.

Oh, and I am a craft artist (I design and make jewelry/accessories). It was so relieved after believes and understands that Allah does not forbid me to draw a living beings image. So far, the hadith which states the prohibition of images become one of my attentions and made ​​me had to stop drawing the living creatures (animals, human shape). Now I can feel free to be creative again!

Thank you so much, Mr. Shabbir. May Allah bless you and your family and friends, and may Allah repay with many goodness, and also may Allah bless all people who really struggle to uphold the true Islam.

And I apologize if there are less polite words from me (I use Google translate, and I still have a lot to learn English). If you find something is not right on the attitude or my words, please give me some advice.

And, if you don't mind, I hope I can call you Uncle Shabbir. Thank you. :-)

Yours sincerely,

Nina .......

(West Java, Indonesia)