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Some Ahadith & Sunnahs
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2012, 3:24 am

Salaam Dear Brothers,

This is what landed in my email inbox:

What is the implied message here? Those who do not follow these procedures are not following Sunnah? Therefore, they may be sinners. Guilt, guilt, guilt. No wonder our creative energies are so subdued. We are obsessed with such imperitves of Deen.

And our book says our deen has been designed easy to be followed.



A Quick Refresher

Sunnahs of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad [Sallaho alaihe wassallam ]

Sunnahs of Eating:
x Sit and eat on the floor.
x Spread out a cloth on the floor first before eating.
x Wash both hands up to the wrists.
x Recite "Bismillah wa'la barakatillah' aloud. (It is also noted by one great scholar Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan Saheb Rahmatullah alaihe that we never say Bismillah before taking tea). Drinking should also be by right hand at all cost.
x Eat with the right hand.
x Eat from the side that is in front of you.
x If a morsel of food falls down, pick it up, clean it and eat it.
x Do not lean and eat.
x Do not find fault with the food.
x Remove your shoes before eating.
x When eating, sit with either both knees on the ground or one knee raised or both knees raised.
x Clean the plate and other utensils thoroughly after eating.
x By doing this, the utensils make dua for one's forgiveness.
x Recite dua after eating.
x First remove the food then get up
x After meals wash both the hands.
x Thereafter gargle the mouth.
x Whilst eating one should not remain completely silent.
x Eat with three fingers if possible..
x One should not eat very hot food.
x Do not blow on the food.
x After eating one should lick his fingers.

Sunnahs of drinking:
x A Muslim should drink with the right hand.
x Shaytaan Drinks with the left hand.
x Sit and drink.
x Recite "Bismillah" before drinking.
x After drinking say " Alhamdullilah".
x Drink in 3 breaths removing the utensil from the mouth after each sip.
x Do not drink directly from the jug or bottle.
x One should pour the contents into a glass first and then drink.

Sunnahs of Sleeping:
x Discuss with one's family members matters pertaining to Deen before going to sleep (whether it is in the form of reading some Islamic Books or narrating some incidents of Sahabah etc.)..
x To sleep in the state of Wuzu.
x To make the bed yourself.
x Dust the bed thrice before retiring to bed.
x One should change into some other clothes (e.g.pyjamas) before going to sleep.
x It is Sunnah to sleep immediately after Isha Salaah.
x To apply surmah in both the eyes.
x To brush the teeth with a miswaak.
x To sleep on the right hand side.
x To sleep with the right palm under the right cheek.
x To keep the knees slightly bent when sleeping.
x To refrain from sleeping on ones stomach.
x To sleep on a bed or to sleep on the floor are both sunnah.
x To face Qiblah.
x To recite Surah Mulk, before sleeping.
x To recite Ayatul Kursi.
x To recite Surah Ikhlaas, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas before sleeping 3 times and thereafter blow over the entire body thrice.
x Recite Tasbeeh-e-Fathima before sleeping.( i.e. 33 X Subhan Allah 33 X Alhamdulillah and 34 X Allahu Akbar).
x To recite the dua before sleeping.
x To wake up for Tahajjud Salaah.

Sunnahs on Awakening:
x On awakening rub the face and the eyes with the palms of the hands in order to remove the effects of sleep.
x When the eyes open in the morning say " Alhamdullilah" thrice and then recite Kalima Tayyibah.
x Thereafter recite the dua on awakening.
x On awakening cleanse the mouth with a miswaak.