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Re: Ghamidi's take
By:Captain Faiz, USA
Date: Sunday, 12 February 2012, 10:24 pm
In Response To: Ghamidi's take (Mubashir, Canada)

Great talk by Ghamdi sahib---interviewed by a well-dressed lady without the clear head cover!

BTW, Ghamdi sahib, in other videos, have been seen quoting certain hadith (that support his particular position on an issue) from the same sources that have much other stuff he does not agree with. He comes back “well, these muhadditheen were great folks but still—they were human beings who can falter and make mistakes. I am waiting for the day when Ghamdi sahib declares all hadith suspect—acceptable or unacceptable—just because no hadith is scientifically verifiable.

In one of the videos Ghamdi says “Prophet Noah had three sons “Saam, Haam, and Yafeth”. Two of Yafeth’s sons were Yajooj and Majooj whose descendents originated and prospered in Central Asia but later spread to India (moghals) and parts of Europe…..he is getting this information from sources he does not believe to be authentic…Bible.

With pluses and minuses combined, however, I think Ghmadi makes a lot of sense. He is certainly making a huge mark on a ‘thinking Muslim mind’ of today which is a good news to the world—if not to the majority of Muslims.

Ghamdi should stay away from Pakistan—the central hub for senseless intolerance and bigotry. It is only outside Pakistan that anyone who believes in the Truth can speak the truth without fear of persecution and reprisal.

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