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Get ready for exhilarating prizes
By:Ourbeacon Committee
Date: Sunday, 12 February 2012, 4:25 am

Dear friends,

Peace and Blessings from the Almighty!

Ourbeacon Committee held an intra-active and interactive conference in Toronto from Friday to Sunday.

Unity In Diversity: Ourbeacon friends participated from 93 different countries. We are now beginning to elect the top three contenders or prize-winners for 2011.

The meeting lasted 6 hours per day amounting to 18 hours on telephones, in-camera sessions, Internet, audio-videography, microphones, SKYPE, and U-Tube. Our honorable Professor Ismail Dhoraji of Bahrain led the proceedings most admirably as the President. In other words, he was the Speaker of the House ably assisted by Dr Behroz Batliwalla of New York, Najma Khatoon of Qatar and Dr Salma Amin of Sweden. Khadija Husain of Australia amazed everyone with her minute taking ability.

The superb, well-organized meeting was chaired by *Arif Shamim, the CEO of a large multinational company centered in Beijing. The wonderful event was preceded by one week of intensive scrutiny and preparation by each member of the Ourbeacon Committee.

The honorable contenders will receive exhilarating prizes from the Committee.

The best contenders will have the following characteristics:

1 - Quran-oriented ideas, questions and answers.

2 - Most regular appearances on the Forum.

3 - Best quality of postings.

4 - Top class ability to learn and teach, teach and learn.

5 - Striving for maintaining serenity on the Forum.

6 - Sharing outstanding articles, videos and other resources.

The three winners will be chosen by fair voting and the results will be announced on 25 Feb 2012. We will welcome votes from our regular participants.

This was more of an experimental project but it exceeded our expectations by far. We were taken aback since we could not imagine this much fun and learning in our wildest of dreams!

Therefore, the next meeting will be announced at least three months in advance.

If any Sister or Brother feels competent enough, please apply OPENLY on the Forum to become a respected member of the Ourbeacon Committee & SHURA. Selection will strictly depend on merit and voting.


Ourbeacon Committee & Shura (Advisory Council)

- CEO, Director General of Operations & Administration, Ourbeacon: *Arif Shamim, Pakistan
- Director General, QXP Project: Dr Khadija Husain, Australia
- General Manager, QXP Project: Dr Saadia Khan, Norway
- Research & Development: Brig Shabbir Ahmed, M.D., USA. Islamic Studies and History - Madinah & Al-Azhar Universities
- Chief Adviser and Editor: Hossein Kowsari, Mujtahid Arabic & Persian, Iran
- Chairman Advisory Council: Prof Gemal Shukri, President (retd) Al-Azhar, Cairo
- Vice Chairman: Fatima Syed, Uloom Deeniyat, India
- Member, Advisory Council: Shaikh Adi bin Hatim bin Muhammad, KSA
- Adviser, Linguistics & FIQH - Jurisprudence: Ahmad Hassan al-Khalifa, Qatar
- Exponent of the Quraish Dialect & its History: Muhammad Zaid Qahtani, UAE
- Overview of Arabic & English Text: Dr Laila Noor, Harvard & Madinah
- Research Analysis: Dr Hasan Ali, Pakistan
- Adviser on World History, Islam & Comparative Religion: Dr Afsara Sheikh, Oxford University, Diplomat in China
- Computer & Internet Services: Aisha Ahmed, Florida, Diana Straum, Toronto
- Forum Coordinator: Hasan Afindi, Turkey
- Webmaster: Name withheld. USA
- Moderators: Names withheld. USA, France, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan



Ismail Bohra
Naureen Mirza
Hasina Sheikh
Muhammad Yasin
Yahya Muhammad
Silky Kaur

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