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Allah's Rights???
By:*Dr. Shabbir
Date: Thursday, 18 August 2011, 3:13 pm
In Response To: Re: Eligibility for Zaqat (Sadiq Syed, Canada)

Excellent dear Sajid!


Divine (My) Right is only ONE.

6:141 He is the One Who creates bounties for you, such as gardens that are cultivated, greens that are wild, palm trees of various kinds, crops in diversity, olives and pomegranates, fruits that are similar and diverse. Enjoy them, but give Him His Right on the Day of the Harvest. And waste not the bounty of God. He does not love the wasteful. [‘give Him His Right’ = Give God His Right = Render to the poor what is their Divinely ordained right. Time to reflect on Zakaat and Sadaqaat: See 2:3, 2:219, 9:60, 11:64, 55:10]

But Mullah jumps in:


The "Muslim clergy" tell us that there are two kinds of rights.

01. HUQUQULLAH (the rights of Allah)
02. HUQUQUL 'IBAAD (the rights of humans)

The Qur’an makes no such distinction. One who serves humanity serves Allah. See what the Glorious Book says about Allah's Right and feel the delightful marvel.

6:141 ---. Enjoy the fruit thereof as they come to fruition but give Him His Right on the day of harvest. ---- ('Haqqahu' = His Right = Allah's Right = Divine Right of the poor)

By beating the drum of the invented rights of Allah, the "Ulama" make Muslims insensitive and oblivious to human rights.
Because he/she "was fulfilling Huququllah", the Hadithi Muslim will:

Arrive late and leave early.
Leave the office for mid-day prayers to return only the next day.
Ignore a crying baby, a friend or a family member.
He/She would mysteriously disappear from time to time.
Will frequently be unavailable at the time of need.
Ask for days off unexpectedly.
Break all contact with society for 10 days in the name of I'tikaaf.
Keep reciting the books of man-made du'as.
Will disappear for days, weeks and months for Tabligh.
Break conversation, and even walk away from important meetings.
Will keep announcing his Namaaz.
Neglect the most important task at hand.
Keep running away to Umra & Pilgrimage.
Waste time and money on the graves of saints.
Rationalize his lassitude and apathy, "See, I am fasting."
For prayers, he would keep people waiting in lines at the workplace.

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