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Re: Quba mosque!!
By:*Dr. Shabbir, Florida
Date: Friday, 22 July 2011, 10:49 pm
In Response To: Re: Quba mosque!! (Sidqi. Ca, US)

Dear Sirs,

The Qur'an says it all.

2:142 Those of little understanding among people say, “What has turned them from the Qiblah they (the Jews) used to follow? Say, “To God belongs East and West. He guides to the straight path whoever wills (to be guided).”

[‘They’ = Jews. Qiblah = Center of devotion = Symbol of uniform Ideology = Center for the unity of mankind = Deen = System of Life. The Children of Israel have considered Jerusalem as their Center of devotion but the Jews always believed in a tribal god and, hence, a tribal center. But God is the Lord of all humanity. He makes no distinction between Jews and Gentiles. And the Qur’an invites all mankind to become one community. His Final Message is not confined to a particular tribe, nation or group of people. Ka’bah, the first House of Monotheism, was erected by Abraham. It has always been the Qiblah for all humanity. 2:213, 3:96, 4:170, 6:91-92, 7:158, 10:19, 12:104, 21:107, 22:49, 34:28, 38:87, 57:25, 114:1]

2:143 Thus We have made you a justly balanced community that you might be witnesses over the peoples, and the messenger a witness over yourselves. We have appointed the Direction that you have always adopted (O Messenger) in order to distinguish him who follows the messenger, from him who turns about on his heels. In fact, this adoption of Ka’bah as the Qiblah has been difficult except for those who follow God’s Guidance. It is never God’s purpose to let your faith go to waste. God is Compassionate and Merciful to all people.

[Ummah = Community = A Community based on Divine Ideology. ‘Turns about on his heels’ = Goes back to his old ways = Succumbs to traditional beliefs. 2:142, 4:88, 29:25]

2:144 We have seen your eagerness (O Messenger), therefore, We will certainly make you control and administer the Qiblah that is dear to you (for its Sublime objective). Keep your purpose focused on the Masjid of Security, and all of you believers, wherever you are, keep your purpose focused toward it. Those who have been given the scripture before know that this (revelation) is the truth from their Lord. God is not unaware of what they do.

[The verse is not commanding people to turn their faces, as usually misunderstood. See 2:177. Wajh = Face = Countenance = Whole being = Purpose. Qiblah = Direction = Center of devotion = Masjid of Security = Source of peace and security for all humanity = The Symbol of a uniform Ideology = Symbol of pure Monotheism = Source of the unity of mankind. Ka’bah has been the Center of devotion for all humanity ever since it was erected by prophets Abraham and Ishmael. 2:142, 2:213, 3:96, 4:170, 6:91-92, 7:158, 10:19, 12:104, 21:107, 22:49, 34:28, 38:87, 57:25, 114:1]

2:145 Even if you were to place all evidence (in these verses) together before the People of the Book, they would not follow your Qiblah, and neither may you follow their Qiblah, nor will they even follow each other’s Qiblah. If you followed their errant views after the knowledge has come to you, you will be among the misdirected.

[Qiblah = Direction = Focal Point = It is the tangible but symbolic structure for unity of mankind. People honor the temples of their choice. They will recognize the Ka’bah as their own Qiblah when evolution of human civilization brings them to the right conclusion. 2:158, 3:97, 4:170, 6:84-91, 22:23-28. Zaalimeen = Oppressors = Those who hurt themselves or others = Those who choose to do wrong = Who displace something from its rightful place = Who relegate the truth = Violators of human rights = Misdirected = Those who prefer to live in the darkness of ignorance = Commonly translated as wrongdoers]

2:146 Those to whom We gave the scripture before, recognize this (revelation) as they recognize their own children but, most certainly, some of them (their scholars) conceal the truth which they themselves know.

[The advent of Prophet Muhammad from the Ishmaelite descendants of Abraham has been foretold in the Bible. Genesis 21:13-18. Gospel of John 14:16, 15:26, 16:7. See QXP 2:125. Historically, the Gospel of Saint Barnabas, which was accepted and widely read in the churches, had ‘Muhammad’ in the exact Arabic form. But Pope Gelasius banned that Gospel in 496 CE for finding the Arabic name distasteful. It was only in the 16th century when the Italian translation of Barnabas was discovered in Vienna, Austria. But, obviously, translations can never be as reliable as the original text]

2:147 This (Qur’an) is the truth from your Lord, so never be of those who waver.

2:148 (Mere rituals carry no importance even though people pursue their self-appointed interests.) Each one has a goal toward which he turns. Then strive together toward all that is good. Whatever stand you take, God will bring you all together. Indeed, God is Able to do all things.

[Innallaha ‘ala kulli shayin Qadeer = God is Able to do all things = He is the All Powerful Appointer of His laws = He has assigned due proportion for all things and events. 2:177, 57:20, 83:19-28, 102:1-2. Shayi = Thing = Derived meaning, event. The real objective for you is to compete with one another in human welfare and develop your innate capacities. God will bring you together under the banner of One Ideology, and ultimately gather all of you on the Day of Resurrection]

2:149 From wherever you start forth (whichever way you proceed, and whatever you are preoccupied with), keep yourself focused on the Masjid-il-Haraam (the Sacred Masjid, the Ultimate Center for the unity of all mankind.) This is the truth from your Lord. God is not unaware of what you do (with your life).

2:150 Again, regardless of wherever you are and whichever way you are proceeding, you must keep yourself focused on the Masjid-il-Haraam (the Center for all humanity). If you abide by (this command) it will leave no grounds for people to dispute against you except the unjust fault-finders among them. Do not be intimidated by them, but stand in awe of Me so that I may perfect My grace upon you, and that you may be rightly guided.

[2:6, 5:2-3. The blessed results of Unity in diversity will become a living witness to their objections]
2:151 To this end, We have sent among you a messenger of your own, conveying to you Our revelations and helping you grow in goodness. And he empowers you with the knowledge of the Book and wisdom, and thus, he teaches you what you knew not.
2:152 Therefore, raise My Name and I shall raise your name giving you eminence! Be grateful to Me, and deny Me not!

[2:177, 2:186, 2:220, 15:49, 21:10, 21:23-24, 23:70, 38:24, 43:44. Azkurni = Remember Me = Raise My Name. Azkurkum = I will remember you = I will give you eminence. Shukr = Being grateful in word and action = Sharing Divine bounties with others = Opposite of Kufr whenever Kufr denotes concealing = Returning more than receiving = Holding a benefactor in high esteem. Note that lack of Shukr or gratitude in the Qur’anic sense is Kufr, denying the Giver! Tazkiah = Growth of the ‘self’ = Self-actualization]

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