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Role of computer in our life
By:Abdullah Zubair - Mumbai
Date: Tuesday, 3 May 2011, 1:27 pm

Role of computer in our life
An assay by Abdullah Zubair Shaikh – Student X Std, City International School (ICSC Board), Lokhandwala, Andheri, Mumbai, and published in local Daily.
Charles Babbage, the father of the computer might have not thought that computer would go through with such a magnificent evolution process. Unlike living creature, computer was born very huge and after few decades of development reduced to small piece of apparatus. Its growth and development remains in its down-sizing.
During past 50 years computer has developed rapidly from a gigantic piece of complex mechanical and electrical machine to mini or mainframe computers, then to PC or micro computer, then to notebook or laptop and then to handheld or palmtop computers. Interestingly, during its evolution process its size has been reduced but the power, efficiency and affordability has been increased. The computer pundits say that if the space technologies would have been developed with the speed of computer development then half of the population of our planet would have been migrated to space.
Computer has been playing pivotal role in the development of every walk of our life. There is no single activity on this earth which has not been directly or indirectly affected from the advent of the computer. On one hand computer caused rapid growth in business, industries, agriculture, infrastructure, production, entertainment, media, communication, space, tourism, transportation etc. and on the other hand it has facilitated the domestic, social and family lives by supporting us in essential aspects such as education, health, medicines, surgery, globalization, reunion, exchange of cultures and understanding different civilizations. It is the computer and its ‘daughter’ called internet which brought the whole world so closer that we live today in a global village.
Like any other human inventions, computer too has its boons & banes and pros and cons. However, its benefits are enormous and therefore its negative aspects are hidden. Most of the negative aspects are due to its technicalities and the electronic components used in the system. Computer’s electronic & magnetic process, rays and vibration are health hazardous. Its continuous and frequent usage may cause negative impacts on the user’s health, behavior, tendency and habits.
During past couple of decades, computers have made human life very comfortable and consequently this has caused both physical and mental laziness. Meantime, computers especially super computers have resolved the long pending issues in research and development of science, space and medicine fields. Highly complex mathematical formulas and calculations used to take days and weeks to resolve and now with the help of super computers they are resolved in hours or minutes. Similarly, several business and operational works used to take days and weeks and used to take hundreds of man-hours. Now with the help of small PC these works are carried out more efficiently and more accurately in couple of hour time.
On one hand computers have been opening avenues for business, jobs and better living and on the other hand it has been reducing the demand of human works, skills and labor. Computers have created fierce competition in business, jobs and education because of that we the human being are getting away from spiritualism and blindly following materialism and consumerism.
In view of all above, computer plays significant role in our life and time is near when we will see more wonders of computers, especially when this piece of human genius will reach to its peak in conjunction with the robot technology. I can imagine my teacher is replaced by a robot and my buddy is replaced by another robot called ‘twig’.