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Azizam! Ourbeacon Is Winning :-)
By:*Dr Shabbir
Date: Sunday, 27 June 2010, 10:12 pm
In Response To: Re: The Perception of Islam (jawaid ahmed)

Azizam Jawaid Saheb and friends,

Here is a longish update resume for you to relish.

I get *amazed at the Six Zoroastrian "Sunni" Muhaddithin how cautious and farsighted they were! You know that all six authors (not compilers) of the Sunni Ahadith (Sahah Sittah = "Ghalta Sittah"), and all three authors of the Four "Shi'ah" "Ghaltah Arb'ah" not only hailed from Al-'Ajam (ancient Persia), but they adopted Muslim names for themselves and their two previous generations.


• Imam Ibn Jareer Tabari 310* (923 CE) - The first exponent of the Qur’an and the first ever canonized historian, was Zoroastrian, Ibn Rustam Tabari)

• Imam Muhammad Ismail Bukhari 256 AH* (870 CE)
• Imam Muslim Bin Hajjaj Al-Qasheeri 261 AH* (875 CE)
• Imam Abu Abdullah Ibn Yazeed Ibn Majah 273 AH* (886 CE)
• Imam Abu Dawood Sulaiman 275 AH* (888 CE)
• Imam Abu Musa Tirmizi 279 AH* (883 CE)
• Imam Abdur Rahman Nisai 303 AH* (915 CE)

• Sheikh Muhammad Bin Yaqoob Bin Ishaq Al-Kaleeni 329 AH* (941 CE), wrote "Al-Kafi"
• Sheikh Saddooq Abu Ja'far bin Ali Tabrasi 381 AH* (993 CE), "Mun La Yazharal Faqeeh"
• Sheikh Abu Ja'far Muhammad Ibn-e-Hasan Toosi 460 AH* (1071 CE) wrote "Tehzeebul Ahkam" and "Al-Istibsar"

They lived in the Abbasid Royal Palaces. Not one of the famous "Imams" declared monarchy non-Permissible in Islam. Rather they decorated each Caliph (King) as Zillullah (The Shade of the Divine). This was not far from the Hindu AWTAR (reincarnated gods) of Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva.

The thing that really strikes me is the interpolation of their deplorable and deriding Hadith, Sunnah, Tradition and pure Conjecture with some acceptable paragraphs to assert their credibility. So, the gullible Muslims keep falling into their spiderweb like moths and flies.

THE ETERNAL TRAGEDY: The Bearded brigades and the Hijabi cheer leaders continue the nasty legacy of these enemies of Islam with astonishing fervor through word of mouth, DUROOS (Home classes by women - fashion shows) and mostly men wasting eight years of their youth for DARS NIZAMI at Madrassahs. This ensures that the "Muslim" moths and flies intellectually keep succumbing to this lethal strategy. But before their intellectual demise, these brigades and cheer leaders regularly infect and infest countless Muslim youngsters.

I agree with you that with friends like these who needs an enemy?!

In the absence of noble Missions like ours, the enemy within our lines would have scored goals with impunity.

GO DOWN FIGHTING? NO! We will not go down fighting. Internet is a blessing for movements like ours and WE ARE DETERMINED TO SUCCEED. All praise to Allah, the revolutionary Ourbeacon books are extremely popular around the world, about 8 million copies in circulation at this time.

HOW THESE NUMBERS? In North America, India, Africa and Europe, people ask for copyrights to translate our books in their languages or reprint them in any numbers they want. We never hesitate to provide them FREE COPYRIGHTS. The only condition is: DO NOT MAKE CHANGES.

Azizam! God bless you for your relentless Jihad against N2I (The Number Two Islam)!

With more than 16,500 Qur'an reverts since 911 and about 70 million Muslims globally 'shirking' all kinds of 'SHIRK' we are WINNING, Al-Hamdulillah.

And, Azizam! We are not the only ones.


Dear friends, Kindly do not consider this post offensive. We have no personal animosities. The Ummah is getting stung by the enemy from within and we must speak the truth.

A lifelong student

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Azizam! Ourbeacon Is Winning :-)
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